Should You Move, Demolish, or Renovate Your Home

Should You Move, Renovate, or Rebuild Your Home?

Anytime a home no longer meets the needs of your family, you should consider making a change. Depending on what needs are being neglected, this may mean that relocating. However, some families prefer to stay in their current neighborhood due to friends, school, or even proximity to work. In some cases, selling a home they love is too painful to consider.

Renovation is another option if moving is off the table or if the needs are not so complex as to warrant a new home. Regardless of the reasons, understanding which option is best for your family is the first step in the process. Lions Den Construction suggests you keep these things in mind when making your decision.  Read more

Signs Its Time For a Home Renovation

4 Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Home

When you own a home, there are always things to do to keep it well maintained, be it repairs, cleaning, chores, or even upgrades. With so many little things to focus on, you may not notice when a larger renovation may be required. On the other hand, you may be the type of person who spends too much time away from home to notice when things need sprucing up. Next time you have some free time at home, Lions Den Construction suggests that you take a few moments to stop and look around. Then, compare what you see with this list of signs that indicate if it’s time to consider renovating. Read more

Generate More Income With A Quality Basement Unit

Generate More Income with a Quality Basement Unit

There has been a drastic increase in the price of real estate over the past decade. This has led to many new homeowners looking to purchase homes that feature units that can be rented. Not only does this help cover costly mortgage payments, but it also helps to cover the cost of living in the city. Deciding on making your basement a rental unit is a great investment idea because of the high demand of people looking for a unit to rent in the city. Creating a quality rental unit is important to attract a good tenant.

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5 Tips To Help You Stay On Your Construction Schedule

5 Tips to Help You Stay on Your Construction Schedule

Any time you are planning a project, be it commercial or residential, you will want an estimated timeline for its completion. In most cases, the contractor working on your project will provide one ahead of commencement. In some cases, this timeline can be further refined once the project gets underway.

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Popular Ideas For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Popular Ideas for Your Next Home Improvement Project

For homeowners, the ideas and possibilities for improvements are endless. No matter which improvement idea you have, some take more precedence than others. If you are in the idea stages of planning home upgrades or even a full renovation, Lions Den Construction has a few suggestions about which ones to tackle first.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Basement Suite

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Basement Suite

With basement renovations, homeowners may be looking to increase their property value while others may simply want to create an extra recreational space. No matter what type of renovation you are considering for your basement, there are some things to keep in mind during your planning phase. Here at Lions Den Construction, we have seen it all during our years serving the metro area. From layout decisions, regulations, permits, and moisture conditions, there are several things to consider before you dive into your basement remodeling project.

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Design Build Construction Preparation

Design-Build Construction Projects – How to Prepare

Commercial construction projects and residential construction projects are vastly different. Commercial projects are more suited to the design-build model. This allows a single team to handle all of your engineering, architectural, and construction needs. Not only does this make the project run more smoothly, but it ensures you get the best price. However, with this type of project, it is important that parameters are set and any project concerns are addressed before the start of the project. Here are a few things that Lions Den Construction suggests you have in place before starting your design-build project. Read more

Custom Home Or Home Renovation

Custom Built Home vs. Home Renovation

Do you feel like your current home no longer fits the needs of your family? If so, it may be time to think about renovating or rebuilding your home. Knowing which option will fit your current needs may be easy. If you have unused space you want to convert or if you want to refresh your interior, minor upgrades are the way to go. For those who want to make their home more energy-efficient or add on a new room, a custom built home may be a wise choice. Lions Den Construction has a couple of suggestions to help you understand which type of project is best for your home. Read more

Square Footage Cost Of A New Home

Things That Affect the Square Footage Cost of a New Home

Many things go into building a new home from scratch that can affect its overall cost. The features, materials and geographical location can all affect how much the project will cost. Today Lions Den Construction will break down some of the top factors that can affect the square footage price of a custom-built home. Read more

Tips for Creating A Custom Playroom in Your Home

Tips for Creating a Custom Playroom in Your Home

When you are planning to renovate your home, it is important to think about the spaces you will create for each person in the family. The smallest members of your family are just as important as the older ones. Designing a playroom for your children will give them a new, beautiful space to create lifelong memories in. If you are looking for some interesting playroom design ideas, Lions Den Construction has a few tips to help. Read more