Design Choices Encourage Productivity

Design Choices That Encourage Productivity

When you make the proper design choices, it can often have a huge effect on productivity levels overall. Using the right materials and executing the right tasks will inspire people to get a lot more done, and make you feel like the office renovation was worth your while.

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Commercial Renovations Toronto Questions Answers

Commercial Renovations: 5 Questions and Answers

Whether you are well versed in the commercial renovation space or not, there are important things to consider asking your contractor before getting your hands dirty. When you ask these questions, you are making sure that you are fully prepared for the project beforehand.

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Smart Healthcare Interior Design Toronto

Smart Healthcare Interior Design

Designing the interior of a medical office or healthcare facility can be challenging. The colors, finishes, design, and other aesthetics are more than just a passing thought. Healthcare facilities incorporate their design into their core mission which plays into the overall care of their patients. The design teams here at Lions Den Construction can help you promote quality patient care through innovative design elements. Some of the elements to consider during your healthcare space design are below.  Read more

Plan Successful Office Renovation Toronto

How To Plan A Successful Office Renovation In Toronto

Moving forward with an office renovation is an exciting prospect. Not only can you breathe new life into your company, but you can also upgrade your aesthetics at the same time. It is a great way to improve employee efficiency and boost client perceptions. Before you get down to actually renovating your space, there are some important planning decisions to make. Lions Den Construction is here to help make sure your Toronto office renovation goes off without a hitch. 

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Ways Make Practice Clinic Comfortable Toronto

Top Ways To Make Your Practice More Comfortable

Spending time waiting in the doctor’s office is not the definition of a good time for anyone. Although this is an unavoidable part of going to the doctor, there is no reason why your patients can’t be comfortable. Creating a welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing waiting area is a good way to reduce anxiety and boost patient morale. Not only will this make your patients happy, but it will also give them a good impression of your practice that keeps them loyal. A good way to achieve this is by calling a Toronto office interior design service, but if you want to start small, Lions Den Construction has put together a few tips on making your waiting area more comfortable for your patients. 

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Reasons Renovate Basement Toronto

Top Reasons To Renovate Your Basement

Is your home feeling a bit cramped? Perhaps you are in need of a home office or hobby space? If so, your basement is a great place to look for a solution. Homes that have underutilized basements can benefit from an increase in property value and user comfort by hiring an experienced basement renovator in Toronto. For families unsure of how to make the most of their basements, we are here to help. Lions Den Construction has put together a list of reasons to renovate your basement and how to go about it.

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Office Layout Open Concept Vs Cubicles

Which Office Layout Is Best? Open-Concept Vs. Cubicles

When it comes to office layouts, there is always going to be a debate of cubicles versus open-concept spaces. Both offer a wide range of advantages depending on the available space and the type of work conducted. The feeling of community often battles with the need for privacy and productivity. Open spaces have helped to reduce stress levels while current restrictions call for a return to separation. As time advances construction companies, designers, and business owners are looking for innovative ways to customize their office space in a way that is on-trend while also staying effective. Our Toronto Construction Company at Lions Den Construction goes further in detail about the differences and advantages each layout has to offer. Read more

Updating Outdated Medical Office Toronto

Updating Your Outdated Medical Office With Lions Den Construction

Any medical office will start to show signs of wear and tear after years of regular use. Not only is this a sign of high customer traffic, but also that you have a booming practice. Like all things, your aging medical practice can greatly benefit from a facelift. Even if your fixtures are all in good working order, modernizing your practice can offer additional benefits. If you are interested in upgrading your medical practice Lions Den Construction can help. We have been offering professional office renovation services in the metro area for generations, and we are happy to help bring your space into modern times. 

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Things Keep In Mind During Medical Clinic Construction Toronto

Things to Keep in Mind During Your Medical Clinic Construction

Every type of medical practice has different needs and services for different types of patients. In addition to meeting the needs of a client, the medical clinic will need to have an efficient layout for the personnel who staff the center. Since Lions Den Construction provides clients with Toronto Custom Medical Construction, we have put some information on common types of medical clinics, as well as things you should keep in mind during their construction.  Read more

Choose Great Cabinets For Dental Practice

How to Choose Great Cabinets for Your Dental Practice

Your dental practice is a big part of who you are as a medical professional. Choosing the right decorations, upgrades, and even cabinets will play a big role in how effectively you treat your patients. Read more