Features Make Custom Home Stand Out

Features That Make Your Custom Home Stand Out

When you finally decide that you want to begin a complete home renovation or a custom home build, the idea can be quite exciting. With all of the freedom you’re given, the options are truly endless when it comes to how you want your home to look. With all of this limitless freedom may come confusion, however. Confusion about where to start, confusion about what will look good and what won’t, confusion about what designs can really make your place stand out.

If you’re looking to implement some unique home features that will bring your place to the next level, be sure to check out the information we here at Lions Den Construction have come up with below. Read more

Things Consider When Renovating Outdated Clinic

3 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Outdated Clinic

Around the world, clinics are a safe haven for those who are dealing with any type of health-related issue, minor or severe. Each clinic varies in its specialty, but all of them work towards one main purpose: bettering the health and wellness of everyone.   Read more

Best Room Ideas For Home Addition

Best Room Ideas for a Home Addition

Home additions do amazing things for your home. These benefits do not just lie in additional space, however— in many cases, an addition adds a tremendous amount of value if you ever decide to sell. When it comes down to it, though, you’re likely building a home addition because you need extra space. If what you do with that space is still up in the air, our construction company at Lions Den Construction wants to recommend some good ideas. 

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Finding Right Exterior Colour For New Home

Finding the Right Exterior Colour for Your New Home

When you’re nearing completion on a custom home build, one of the most important finishes that ties a home together is the colour of the exterior. With so many options to choose from, you can pick the colour that is right for your wants, needs and design of the home. But what colour is that if you’re unsure? Are you having a hard time figuring out which colour would be best for the exterior of your home? If so, don’t fret because we here at Lions Den Construction want to help you decide with our advice below. Read more

Common Mistakes Building Custom Home

5 Common Mistakes When Building a Custom Home

Choosing to design a custom home can be an exciting project to start, but to make sure you are on the right track, our team at Lions Den Construction wants to remind you of the five most common mistakes homeowners overlook when starting this process. Our team works on a variety of Toronto Custom Built Homes and we are ready to help your custom home project another one of our successes. Read more

Make Kitchen Look Spacious

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Spacious

Today, kitchens are not only used for cooking, they have become a place to entertain family and friends as well as an area to reconnect with loved ones over a plate of food. If your kitchen does not make you feel happy and relaxed, a Kitchen Renovation in Etobicoke may be needed. Lions Den Construction has compiled a list of ways to help make your kitchen feel spacious so that you too can relax in it.  Read more

House Remodel Or Rebuild

Should I Remodel or Rebuild?

So, you’re looking to transform your home with a construction company in some way. The good news is you have two main options— remodeling your home or rebuilding your home. A lot of people will either assume that these things go hand in hand, or that they are the same thing but worded differently. The truth is, both of these concepts are completely different and will be most beneficial when you take your preferences into consideration.  Read more

Custom Home Builds Q&a

Custom Home Builds Q&A

Deciding to build a home to your specific wants, needs and preferences is a really amazing way to cultivate the comfort zone of your dreams. From start to finish, you can be in charge of the home’s layout, how it’s going to look, how much space it has, what the outside looks like, etc. With all of this responsibility, however, comes a lot of planning and research. If this type of information gets lost on you, chances are you will have a very difficult time navigating the custom home building process effectively.   Read more

Hire Professionals Retail Store Renovation

Why Hire Professionals for a Retail Renovation?

While home renovations can be taken less seriously, renovations for a commercial building often involve a lot of consideration since you want to be attracting more customers. The best way to ensure that your store design is seamless, enticing and professional is by hiring custom commercial construction services. In the meantime, however, our team at Lions Den Construction wants to further explain why hiring professionals is the best route to take when it comes to this type of project.  Read more

Tips Condo Look Luxurious

Tips to Make Your Condo Look Its Most Luxurious

In today’s real estate market, it can be quite the struggle to find the perfect condo. In a lot of cases, people will settle for the next best thing and a lot of the design aspects will be sacrificed as a result. The good news is that there are easy ways to fix these design flaws, such as hiring a construction company to do renovation work. If this is something you’re interested in, we here at Lions Den Construction want to provide you with information on how to do it right so you can come out of your next renovation project with a beautiful & luxurious end result.   Read more