Things To Keep In Mind During Bathroom Renovation

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5 Things to Keep in Mind During a Bathroom Renovation Project

Bathroom renovations are a great way to boost the value of a home up to as much as 60%, depending on the changes made. As a result, bathroom renovations are among the most popular options when choosing which part of the home to upgrade. Even if you are not planning to sell, renovating your bathroom can improve the look and feel of the space, making it worth the investment. There are five things that Lions Den Construction wants you to keep in mind as you prepare for your bathroom renovation project.

Trendy or Timeless?

If you are in a new home, you might be interested in transforming the bathroom into a perfect trendy getaway. While upgrading your bathroom to meet your taste is a good idea, consider your future plans for the home before taking the plunge. Most bathrooms only get renovated once every 15 years, so if you think you will sell your home within that timeframe, stick with a timeless design over a highly customized one. You can still make an attractive bathroom using coordinated colors, creative finishing touches, and other cosmetic elements that are easy to change before a sale.

Cleaning and Maintenance

High traffic bathrooms should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria buildup. When planning your bathroom renovation, make sure that you design enough space for storage, cleaning, and other fixtures. Make sure the layout is easy to clean and prevents spaces where mold or water can stagnate. If you plan to install a bathtub, there should be at least four inches between the vanity, walls, and tub for easy cleaning access.

Non-Slip Floors

Your flooring in the bathroom is a great way to add character to your home. It is important that you also choose the right material that prevents slipping. Many attractive tiles are not intended for use on the floor, yet many homeowners still end up choosing them. Non-slip flooring for the shower and your bathroom floors is both safer and cost-effective.

Bright Lighting

Lighting can often make a space beautiful, or it can add shadows that make the space seem smaller than it actually is. Proper lighting includes overhead pendants, track lighting, or even creatively placed sconces. The goal is to bring as much light in the room as possible for the proper ambiance. Depending on your budget and the overall layout, a dimmer may also be a good choice.

Proper Ventilation

There are two spaces in your home that need to be properly ventilated, and your bathroom is one of them. When your bathroom is properly ventilated, it will reduce moisture that can cause mold growth as well as keep the space smelling fresh. For bathrooms that don’t feature windows, an exhaust fan is an effective alternative.

Final Thoughts

Remember that your bathroom will serve multiple functions. You will need to think about storage, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and so on. Consulting with our Toronto construction company design team here at Lions Den Construction will ensure that no detail is overlooked. For more information, call (416) 893-8318 to speak with one of our specialists.