5 Tips To Help You Stay On Your Construction Schedule

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5 Tips to Help You Stay on Your Construction Schedule

Any time you are planning a project, be it commercial or residential, you will want an estimated timeline for its completion. In most cases, the contractor working on your project will provide one ahead of commencement. In some cases, this timeline can be further refined once the project gets underway.

The advantage of having a timeline is that it allows you to plan pre-lease units for commercial property and financing for residential properties. So many things revolve around your construction timeline that it makes sense that you will want to follow it as closely as possible. Lions Den Construction has five important tips to help you stick to your construction timeline and complete your project on or ahead of schedule.

Be Firm in Your Decisions

The timeline falls on your contractor as far as getting the actual work completed, however, the client also plays a part. Any time a client changes a feature in the design or the scope of work to be performed, it can completely change the estimated timeline. There are times where a change may even put a project behind by weeks or months while structures are torn down and blueprints are redrawn. Sticking to your decisions helps prevent project backtracking.

Choose the Right Contractor

Selecting a contractor or commercial construction company that has the knowledge and skills to see your project to fruition is critical. It is also important to hire the one that is able to manage subcontractors efficiently while juggling all of the other aspects of the project. Look for a company that has a proven track record of quality service, timely completion, and excellent customer service.

Pick Your Materials Carefully

Choose which materials you plan to use at the start of your project and stick by those choices. Changing your mind mid-project can drastically affect your construction timeline. For example, if you want to install a roof made from one type of material, but then change to a heavier grade, you may have to pause the project while the structure is reinforced. Sometimes, the materials you decided to switch too may not be available right away which can further delay your project.

Maintain Communication

Open communication is critical in any type of construction project. Sometimes your contractor may need to speak with you urgently and staying available can prevent delays. Most often, critical decisions that are up to the property owner will delay a project if left unaddressed.

Review the Timeline Often

Make a point of sitting down with your contractor every week or every other week depending on the size of your project. Review the timeline and the work completed so far. If possible, walk through the site with your contractor to get a visual on the progress so far. This can help keep your project on schedule regardless of the size.

How We Can Help

Lions Den Construction is always here to help when you have a commercial or custom built home project that you want to get off the ground. For more information about our services and rates, give us a call at (416) 893-8318 today.