Best Room Ideas For Home Addition

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Best Room Ideas for a Home Addition

Home additions do amazing things for your home. These benefits do not just lie in additional space, however— in many cases, an addition adds a tremendous amount of value if you ever decide to sell. When it comes down to it, though, you’re likely building a home addition because you need extra space. If what you do with that space is still up in the air, our construction company at Lions Den Construction wants to recommend some good ideas. 

Finish Your Basement

A basement addition is one of the best projects to perform, as a basement can turn into a number of different rooms. Whether you want it to be a living room, a bar with games and billiards, an extra bedroom space or a storage area, the choices are endless. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, flip the basement into a basement apartment and rent it out to other people. Whatever you decide to plan on doing with this area, we highly recommend finishing this space and doing whatever needs to be done to expand it/complete it.

Add Extra Kitchen Space (Kitchen Bump Out)

Micro additions are great because they aren’t as expensive, but can completely transform the look of your home. Since the kitchen is such an integral part to the home, both in terms of keeping people close and maxing out convenience, expanding this area will create a better feeling of comfort and peace. Items will be organised much easier, natural light from a kitchen can make the main floor of a home truly shine, and more space equals less kitchen accidents. Since a kitchen is one of the first things potential homeowners look at when trying to buy a home, making this space stand out is important.

Turn Your Front Porch Into a Sunroom

Are you the kind of person who spends most of their time on the front porch? Do you get bummed out when you’re unable to enjoy your outdoor patio in the colder/more inclement weather? If so, turning this area into a sunroom can help you enjoy the scenes of the outdoors while staying warm and safe. When you want to be certain that a sunroom is built properly, always be sure to contact a professional contractor, as they will have the knowledge and experience to build a space that keeps you protected from all types of weather.

Transform Your Garage

While garages are great for keeping cars protected in the winter, sometimes people don’t use them for this purpose and instead use this space as a storage area. After all, if you have a large driveway what’s the point of putting your car in the garage? Doing so means installing an automatic garage door, ensuring that you have enough space to get your car in there, etc. Sometimes, all of that effort just isn’t worth it to some people.

What if you could turn this space from a storage bin into a studio, however? Maybe you enjoy working out and you’re in need of the perfect space for a personal gym? When it comes down to it, a garage can be reconstructed in a number of different ways that increases your home’s value by a huge margin. This addition is super beneficial for the creatives of the world who need a home away from home— a room to escape, if you will. 

How Our Team Can Help

All of these ideas may seem a little far fetched on paper, but with the help of a team such as ours here at Lions Den Construction, these dreams can be made a reality in no time! With some of the most advanced home building techniques in the field, our professional contractors go above and beyond to transform your home’s look into one of luxury and class. To learn more about our Toronto Custom Residential Construction, be sure to call us at (416) 893-8318 today.