Tips To Boost Dental Practice

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6 Tips to Boost Your Dental Practice’s Value

The economy is currently in a decline that has left as many as 75% of practices experiencing less patient flow. While this number may seem alarming, Lions Den Construction does have a solution. Below, we have listed six innovative suggestions to help you grow your dental practice and increase its value.

Practice Management

How efficiently is your dental practice run? Productivity is always important, no matter what size team you may have. If your team is not communicating well or if there are constant delays, this can result in fewer return patients. Consider improving the workflow and productivity of your practice, even if that means replacing inefficient staff. Patients are more confident in partaking of the services of an efficient medical team over one that appears to be mismanaged.

Consider Your Reputation

The reputation of your practice has a lot to do with the level of patient traffic you will see. Consider increasing your online presence, getting client reviews out there, and let the world know about what you have to offer. More people are looking for information online regarding your services, customer interaction, and even rates. Just getting your name out on the net can turn a trickle of patients into a regular flow.

Think About Your Referrals

Referrals are one of the main methods dental practices gain new patients. Would your current clients suggest that their family or friends use your service? Do you offer incentives for bringing in new patients? Don’t expect marketing to work on its own. Make sure you offer suggestions, loyalty programs, and even use modern marketing referral tactics to bring in more patients. Have a tracking system in place so that you can see which streams are more effective in bringing more people to your dental office.

Consider Renovations

Medical offices that are outdated, run-down, and dingy inspire less confidence than those that are modern and sleek. The cost of dental services may be the same in both types of practice, but new and returning patients will be more apt to refer their friends when you have an updated location, which is why clinic interior design is so important.

If you do decide to renovate your dental practice, pay close attention to your planned changes. Think about the exam and treatment rooms, the waiting area, and even the restrooms. Add in value services that meet the need of your clients such as a kid’s play area, a Wi-Fi set up, or even on-screen entertainment.

Is Your Equipment Top of the Line?

New dental equipment is a hefty investment for any practice, but with new equipment, you can also offer new services. Not only will this impress new clients, but you can even upsell additional services to existing patients. Make sure that any new items you plan to add to your practice integrate with your current set up. If extra training is required, make sure your staff has access to the classes they need to work with your new equipment.

Your Management System

The world is becoming increasingly more digital, and so should your practice. While some documents may still be an issue on paper, many patients will prefer the option to go paperless. It will free up space, make patient management more efficient, and add value to your practice.

How Lions Den Construcion Can Help

Creating a strong action plan to grow your practice will help you add value and increase your patient flow. If you need help updating your space or implementing growth programs for your practice, give our Toronto dental office renovation experts a call at (416) 893-8318 for a free estimate.