Common Mistakes Building Custom Home

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5 Common Mistakes When Building a Custom Home

Choosing to design a custom home can be an exciting project to start, but to make sure you are on the right track, our team at Lions Den Construction wants to remind you of the five most common mistakes homeowners overlook when starting this process. Our team works on a variety of Toronto Custom Built Homes and we are ready to help your custom home project another one of our successes.

Selecting the Wrong Contractor

When you work with a contractor that does not share the same vision as you or who is untrusting and unreliable, your custom home project can begin to go wrong real quick. Choosing the right contractor to work with is one of the most important decisions. Good contractors can work within your budget, end the project within the timelines, and bring your vision to life.

Not Creating a Detailed Wish List

When you envision your custom home, what do you see? It’s important that you create a detailed wish list and write down everything you wish to see in your home. If you don’t, it’s easy for different elements to be forgotten or overlooked because there is so much going on. Before your project starts, research different design ideas and make a master list of what you want to see.

Not Accounting For Rough-Ins

Custom homes can become very expensive very quickly. That’s why it’s important to begin your calculations with all rough-ins included in the total cost. This includes all electrical, plumbing, and various mechanical work. Talk with your contractor to get estimates before your project begins so that you are creating a budget with realistic numbers. A good contractor will be able to assist you with this.

Forgetting to Utilize Available Space

In order to make your custom home the most practical for your lifestyle, be sure to look at your available space before you begin planning. For example, depending on your space available, opt to make room for an extra garage bay if needed, or incorporate a home gym if that’s what you want, and even leave enough space to invest in a luxury backyard. Before your project begins, think about how you can maximize your space for your needs.

Overlooking Possible Delays

While it’s important to find a contractor who can work within given timelines, in special cases, some projects can become delayed for a variety of reasons. For example, delays could be a result of material shortages, labour strikes, or waiting for permits to be approved. If this is the case, remember to remain patient and work closely with your contractor to receive updates.

Work With Our Construction Team Today

Ready to start planning your custom home with Lions Den Construction? With these five common mistakes in mind, you are now ready to begin the process. Contact our construction company in Toronto to book an initial consultation meeting and we can discuss your vision and budget. We look forward to bringing your dreams to life. Contact us today at (416) 893-8318.