Everything Should Know About Building Permits Toronto

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Everything You Should Know About Building Permits

When you perform major renovations or home additions, chances are you will need to look into getting a permit. In other cases, even smaller renovations might require one. When you’re in doubt, getting in touch with a professional contractor will help determine whether or not this is needed. In the meantime, if you’re looking for additional information on building permits and how they work, our construction company at Lions Den Construction can help.

A General Outline

Even though the process of obtaining a permit can be a long and complicated process, this will entirely depend on a multitude of factors including where you live, what building codes are present in your area, how old/new your current building is, etc. The first thing to do when looking to obtain a permit is having a code enforcement officer look over your construction/renovation sketches. They will then ensure whether or not these plans align with the proper building codes & regulations. Doing this will cost money, so be sure to check with your municipality about the cost/how long the permit processing time is.

The Approval Process

The amount of time it will take to have your plans approved usually depends on the amount of renovations that are being done. If your renovation/construction project is smaller in size, you will likely have your application processed much quicker. Proposals that are larger and more complex in nature may take a bit longer to be approved. In the case where you are not approved for your permit, your municipality will let you know why it was denied so you can go back and take the proper actions to change your plans. Once it has been changed to be up to code, you can receive your permit!

Why is a Permit Necessary?

There are a number of reasons as to why building permits are important. The first one, and likely the most important, is safety. When an inspector finds any flaws within your build that could pose a risk to you or the safety of others in your neighbourhood, you will want to be certain that the design plans are altered to be safe. These issues can include anything from the foundation of your build to the electrical wiring or plumbing.

Another reason why is because of energy conservation and efficiency. Certain municipalities have adopted new conservation codes that they enforce for everyone living within the neighbourhood, and who doesn’t want to be a contributor to saving some energy for the planet?

In addition to the reasons listed above, permits also help keep the rate of growth at a stable state. The amount of development in any area should never go unchecked, so permits and regulations are put in place to ensure that communities are equal around the board.

What Happens When I Don’t Get One?

When you don’t look into getting permits and continue on with your renovation/construction plans, you’re setting yourself up for more hassle and dangerous instances. If you ever want to sell your home and an appraisal member deems the home as a place built without a permit, you can deal with some hefty fines. In certain situations, they will require a permit after this violation in code anyway. In other cases, you will be forced to deconstruct what you built altogether. Due to all of these reasons and more, getting a permit is extremely important to ensure everything is done safely and within the legal guidelines. 

Let Our Team Help

When you require a team to help with your upcoming project, look no further than our company here at Lions Den Construction. Our custom built homes in Toronto say everything they need to in terms of how much we care about bringing your renovation/construction dreams to life. Interested in what we can do for your next reno/home build? If so, be sure to call us at (416) 893-8318 today!