How to Insulate Your Home to Be Energy Efficient

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How to Insulate Your Home to Be Energy Efficient

Your home has many working parts and the insulation is just one of those parts. From your foundation all the way to your roof, there are several important reasons to make sure that your home is insulated properly. Lion’s Den Construction has actionable suggestions to ensure that your home is properly insulated for energy efficiency.

Why Insulation is Important

In order for your home to be energy-efficient, it needs to be optimally insulated. Creating a strong barrier between the elements outside and the indoor atmosphere will ensure good air quality among other things. Steady temperatures and moisture levels will also prevent energy loss when your home is properly insulated, which will also cut down on energy bills.

All home insulation is rated gauging the ability of the material to resist the flow of heat. This is called the R-value. The calculation is based on the thickness of the material and the effectiveness of the restriction of energy movement. We always strive to surpass the minimum requirements for insulation to make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Duct Insulation

Most ducts tend to leak due to the joints that are located between the fittings and sections. As a result, a large amount of energy is wasted in the form of cold or hot air leakage. Not only does it waste energy, but it also reduces the quality of air that is circulated into your home. The leaked areas cause air to be drawn from your crawl space, attic or basement and pushed into your living space. Sealing and insulating the joints properly will prevent this loss of energy and help keep your family healthy. Our company uses a quality form of sprayed foam in attic spaces that create a sealed barrier to prevent leakage.

Exterior Insulation

Here at our company, we use high performing rigid-foam thermal insulation, and it is also recyclable. This form of insulation wraps your exterior in a continuous layer that forms a dry, tight, and durable insulation structure. Silverboard Graphite XS is a form of expanded polystyrene base materials that places graphite particles directly into the insulation. This helps to improve the thermal efficiency of the insulation. Your home will be much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter as a result.

Basement Insulation

Your basement is meant to be a comfortable and dry space in your home. This, of course, means that they should be properly insulated. Generally the basement is naturally moister, so temperature and moisture control are essential. Basements are well known to be a magnet for water leaks, mold, and humidity. By surrounding the basement exterior insulation, you can help create a stable interior temperature for the rest of your home. This also helps to prevent heat from escaping through the foundation as well as reducing backfill damage.

How We Can Help

We understand how important your home is to you, and we are dedicated to making sure it is properly insulated. If you are interested in learning more about our insulation packages or to set up an appointment for your custom built home project, call Lion’s Den Construction at (416) 893-8318 today.