Increase Home Value Kitchen Renovation Toronto

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Increase the Value of Your Home With a Kitchen Renovation

A common question asked to Lions Den Construction is if kitchen renovations will actually boost the value of a home. Today you are in luck because ourconstruction company in Toronto is going to honestly and openly answer this question for you. 

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, there are areas that will be worth your investment while there will be other areas that will not be worth your time and investment. Continue reading to see which areas you should be renovating in your kitchen! 

Areas That Will Increase Your Home Value 

The Floor Plan 

Older styles of homes include a more sectioned floor plan where each room had its own four walls. Although today, that is certainly not what the millennial on the market are seeking. Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular as they are more open and minimalistic.  

Kitchen Flooring 

Those who are on the market today are looking for hardwood flooring in the kitchen. And statistics show that you will likely get 90%-100% of your investment back by upgrading the floors. Choosing the right style and colour of the hardwood can also play a significant role. 

Kitchen Cabinets 

Since the cabinets take up a significant amount of space in a kitchen, they can increase the value of the home if they are upgraded. Cabinets can modernize the space and can give the space a huge refresh. Increase the value of your home with new cabinets. 

Unnecessary Investments for a Kitchen 

Trendy Light Features 

Adding a chandelier in your kitchen or a bulky light fixture above the kitchen table will not boost the value of a home. This is because light features are usually replaced once the new homeowners buy the house as most people have a different taste from one another. 


If you are thinking of freshening up the kitchen with wallpaper, you should avoid doing so and instead opt for a fresh layer of paint. This is for the simple reason that people have different tastes and the wallpaper could turn off the buyer. People are also discouraged from wallpaper as it is difficult to remove. 

Exotic Bright Colours 

Although you might like a bright accent colour on the walls of your kitchen, it does not mean everyone else does. Most times, it’s best to keep the space neutral. Neutral colours often appeal more to home buyers as they can envision what they would like to do to the space. 


How We Can Help 

Now that you know which areas will increase the value of your home and which will not, it’s time to start planning your kitchen renovation with our team. At Lions Den Construction our team has years of experience designing and styling custom built homes in Toronto so you can trust that we know exactly what we are doing. To get more information about our kitchen renovation services, you can reach us at (416) 893-8318.