Creating Upgrading Toronto Office Space Tips

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Things You Should Keep In Mind When Creating or Upgrading Your Office Space

Any home or commercial office design project in Toronto will have a dramatic effect on the usage of the space. If you are looking to revamp your current space or create a new office space from scratch, careful planning is required. 

Proper consideration of all the elements involved will help prevent planning mistakes and oversights that can limit productivity post-construction. Lions Den Construction has put together a list of 8 critical elements that you should consider when planning changes, upgrades, or the creation of new office space. Keep reading to find out more.  

What You Should Consider When Planning an Office Space 

There are several elements that should be considered when planning an office space. The workspaces of the past are not as efficient or attractive as those found in modern offices. By paying attention to the eight elements listed below, you will be able to create an aesthetically pleasing and productively efficient office. 

Space Flow 

It is important to have an idea about how you want the space in the office to flow. Will you need to direct customers or clients or will you need to have separate sections for employees? Is employee movement important to how your business runs? If so, then you will need to plan your ideas and needs well before building the first wall. 

Space Availability 

Space is always going to be a factor when it comes to creating an office space. Determine how much square footage you actually have to work with before plotting a design. Take detailed measurements and then decide how many spaces you will need to create within your available square footage. 

Storage Options 

One thing many people overlook is the need for proper storage space in an office. You will need space for cleaning supplies, office supplies, and other items depending on your specific industry. Learn ways to create efficient storage without wasting space in the limited amount of square footage you have. 

Energy Savings 

These days everything is made with the environment in mind. The same is true for office spaces. Consider which solutions and materials will best fit your aesthetic while also increasing the energy efficiency of the space. 

Pandemic Protections 

Covid-19 is here to stay, and as such, it is important to have safety in mind when creating a workspace. There are new pandemic requirements that must be followed indoors and the plan for your office space should reflect that. You will need space between workstations and in the hallways according to local regulations. 

Lighting Options 

Lighting is always an important factor to consider. When planning a new office space, you will need to consider natural lighting sources in addition to artificial lighting sources. 

Company Growth 

Many offices are designed to meet the needs of a company in its current state, but fail to take growth into account. If you plan to keep your staff size constant, then creating a fixed office layout will suffice. If you plan to grow, then you will need to have a design that can easily be altered as your company grows. 

Office Atmosphere 

Your design should create the right aesthetic and atmosphere that reflects your company’s values. It should tie into your work culture and present an image that reflects positively on your company and branding. 

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