Make Kitchen Look Spacious

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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Spacious

Today, kitchens are not only used for cooking, they have become a place to entertain family and friends as well as an area to reconnect with loved ones over a plate of food. If your kitchen does not make you feel happy and relaxed, a Kitchen Renovation in Etobicoke may be needed. Lions Den Construction has compiled a list of ways to help make your kitchen feel spacious so that you too can relax in it. 

The Magic of Neutral Colours  

Although adding bright colours to your walls and cabinets can be fun, they actually give off an illusion of a smaller space. If you are looking to create a spacious kitchen, it’s best to choose neutral colours as they will reflect light and create a sense of space. Neutral colours include white, beige, cream, and light gray. 

Select Specific Patterns 

Did you know that vertical designs can help create a sense of height in a kitchen? This means that when you incorporate horizontal wallpapers or tiles, they are actually working to make your kitchen appear shorter. When you work with a professional kitchen renovator, they will be able to help you select the right patterns. 

The Effects of Lighting 

In order to make your kitchen space look spacious, the use of lighting is critical. If you have windows, make sure that you keep the blinds open to allow natural light in. As well, there are a variety of lighting systems that can contribute to a brighter and bigger space. This includes pot lights, featured lighting, and under-the-cabinet lighting. 

Visually Light Furniture 

When you choose to have dark and bulky pieces of furniture in your kitchen, they can end up becoming an eyesore and taking up a lot of space. In order to utilize your space and make it look bigger, opt for slender chairs and stools. You can also choose furniture which has clear accent pieces. 

Add Glass Elements 

Instead of making all your cabinets look closed off, opt for a featured glass door cabinet that you can use to break up the kitchen. This will help the kitchen to look spacious and will also create a design element that will make your kitchen look modern and unique. 

Eliminate Clutter 

Are your countertops filled with appliances, cookbooks, and trinkets? It’s time to put away what you don’t use and find a different home for the clutter. For example, if you don’t use specific utensils, instead of displaying them, put them in a drawer. You can also eliminate clutter by installing a pull-out pantry, pot rack, or knife rack. 

How We Can Help 

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, there are always ways to make the space appear bigger. Once you follow these six tips outlined by Lions Den Construction, you will be on the right path to creating the illusion of more space in your kitchen. If you are ready to work with our construction company in Toronto, give our team a call at (416) 893-8318 today.