Medical Office Design Renovation Ideas

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Medical Office Design & Renovation Ideas

Whether you have a medical facility, veterinary practice, or dental practice, the construction of your treatment, examining, and waiting areas set the vibe for the whole facility. Our team at Lions Den Construction is here today to give you custom medical construction renovation ideas to help make your space a welcoming and successful environment. Read through this guide to learn more.

Choose Expert Contractors

If you are deciding to go through with a medical office renovation, the first thing you need to do is find a qualified and professional team to work alongside you in this process. A professional commercial construction crew will be experienced in the state of the art technology and building cost-effective offices. Which is exactly what you want for this type of project. This type of company will also be able to be a team you can count on to work professionally with designers and architects, obtain permits, and follow all safety regulations. Working with a team you can trust makes all the difference.

Office Features to Consider

Whether you are building, renovating, or remodeling, there are a few office features your designer should be considering. This includes ergonomics, lighting, exhaust fans, privacy, handicap accessibility, hygiene and hand washing stations, integrations of medical software systems, efficient reception spaces, and surfaces that are easy for cleaning purposes. If you are interested in more, you can check industry journals and see what is currently trending so that you are able to tell your designer exactly what you are looking for.

Modern Office Design Ideas

We have gathered here a few general design tips to follow in order to make your office the most functional and aesthetic it can be. Your reception area is the first thing clients see and it should reflect your brand, consider both your patient and staff needs when designing, always be aware of creating a wheelchair accessibility location, lighting should be welcoming and functional, and white cove moulding or coffered ceilings create a modern office aesthetic.

In addition, you should also always place a TV above a fireplace to create a welcoming waiting area, adding wood paneling sections against a white background will create visual texture, live edge wood counters are welcoming and warming, and you should always choose a colour scheme that is appropriate. These are a few helpful modern office design ideas that should be incorporated into your medical renovation plan. If you talk to your construction company, they can give you a better idea of others.

How We Can Help

When you choose a construction company in Toronto to work with, choosing one that gives you their undivided attention is essential. In addition, they should give you ongoing updates and share all the information. Considering these factors, Lions Den Construction would be a great candidate to work on your custom medical construction renovation. To get more information about a quote and consultation, you can reach our team today at (416) 893-8318.