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5 Tips That Will Help You Nail Your Construction Schedule

Commercial construction projects require tight timelines and dedicated crews to make sure everything goes according to schedule. In most cases, during the planning stages, the business owner will be provided with an estimated timeline that helps them understand when the project will be completed. Most contractors will provide this timeline either at the start of the project or very early on so that a business owner can plan accordingly.

So many parts of a construction project depend on adherence to this strict schedule, and we’ve all heard horror stories of a commercial project that dragged on for months or even years. Below, Lions Den Construction has listed five tips that will help you keep things on track.

Choose a Reliable Commercial Construction Company

The success of your project and your timeline will greatly depend on the company you hire. A professional commercial construction company that offers skilled labour and reliable projections will be able to give you a realistic time estimate and stick to it. The more experience a contractor, or company has, the more experience they will have in juggling timelines. A commercial project usually will involve other services such as plumbing, electrical, and even sub-contractors. Look for a company or contractor that has good reviews, a track record for completing projects on time, and superior customer service.

Make Concrete Decisions

The actual work depends on your contractor, but half of that work depends on your decisions. Clients who take a long time to make decisions or change their mind often can delay a construction project more than any other type of setback. Major changes will mean that plans have to be drawn up again. In some cases, completed work may even need to be torn down and redone. Making firm choices before you start and during your project will prevent avoidable delays.

Pick Your Materials and Stick to it

Materials for commercial projects can be harder to source than those for smaller residential projects. Changing your mind about which type you want to use in the middle of the project can delay your completion dramatically. For example, if you want to install a simple roof, but change your mind to a different style once construction is started, you may have to pause all work while new roofing material can be sourced and used. Researching your options in advance of the start of your project will help cut down on delays and costly changes.

Communicate Properly

The best way of all to keep your project on track is to always speak clearly and openly with your construction company. Communications that are open will allow the construction team to reach you when they need your approval. It also allows you to reach them when you need an update. This will help cut down on delays on both ends. Communication can be in the form of text messages, phone calls, or emails, whichever way works best for both of you.

Check Over the Work at Intervals

A great way to help keep your contractor or construction team on track is to go over the work at certain intervals. You can set appointments according to the timeline. This will help both you and your construction team stay on track during the whole process. For example, you can do a walkthrough when the HVAC vents are installed, or after the plumbing has been laid. It is even common to set up weekly work check times to make sure that everything is coming along as planned and in the manner that you anticipated.

How We Can Help

Lions Den Construction has become a trusted name in the Toronto commercial construction industry. Ultimately, our goal is to help you reach your goals by providing high-quality services, both under budget and according to schedule. If you are interested in getting a quote for your next commercial job, give us a call at (416) 893-8318.