Office Layout Open Concept Vs Cubicles

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Which Office Layout Is Best? Open-Concept Vs. Cubicles

When it comes to office layouts, there is always going to be a debate of cubicles versus open-concept spaces. Both offer a wide range of advantages depending on the available space and the type of work conducted. The feeling of community often battles with the need for privacy and productivity. Open spaces have helped to reduce stress levels while current restrictions call for a return to separation. As time advances construction companies, designers, and business owners are looking for innovative ways to customize their office space in a way that is on-trend while also staying effective. Our Toronto Construction Company at Lions Den Construction goes further in detail about the differences and advantages each layout has to offer.

Open Concept Office Spaces

Over the last 20 years, office spaces have transformed from the traditional cubicle style to a more open layout. Open-concept offices help to reduce stress and prevent creativity and productivity mental blocks. Depending on your business, an open plan can help get ideas and work flowing more readily. Some companies thrive on privacy however, so an open plan may not be suitable for everyone.

While a fully single open-plan option may not be suitable or even desirable, you can compromise by creating open plan “neighborhoods”. This allows for certain spaces to be team oriented while still setting aside private workspaces for staff members. You get the best of the open-office aesthetic without full commitment. Open concept offices encourage collaboration, interaction, and team effort. With social media being such a big part of our daily lives, creating this face to face environment in the office is advantageous.

It is a good idea to remember that any teamwork is based on agreement, which is never going to be 100% in any group. An open concept space may lead to social isolation due to a lack of privacy. If you have a business that works directly with clients, an open concept may also prevent confidential meetings or conversations.

Cubicle Office Design

Cubicles popped on the scene in the 60s and were the brain-child of Robert Propst. His goal was to get rid of open concept spaces which he claimed was a hindrance to productivity and focus. While at the time, the need for privacy and autonomy was paramount, it also encourages staff to get active and move around their workplace. By getting rid of storage in the cubes, the staff would have to move about in which times they could also socialize with other employees.

This design helped people to feel liberated and more productive at the time with the Wall Street Journal even touting the idea as utopian. By the time the mid-80s rolled around, the three walled cube design was hailed as the most effective. Near the end of the 90s however, the desire for cubes took a turn for the worse. Cubes made for full workspaces where people seldom interacted with each other.

That being said cube style workspaces still have a place in the workforce. For certain types of businesses, it is important to have some form of privacy or separation in order to increase productivity. With the current climate, separate spaces are more than just better for productivity, they are safer for the health of your staff.

Choosing The Right Style For Your Company

Both styles of layouts have their benefits and their drawbacks. Like every trend, there is an ebb and flow. Think about your workforce, the way your employees are most effective, and the needs of your company when making a design decision. For more information on how our Toronto Office Interior Design services can help you, give Lions Den Construction a call at (416) 893-8318 today.