Home Addition To Increase Property Value

Increase Your Home’s Value With an Addition

Many people prefer to upgrade and expand their living area without moving to a new location. There are also many new government incentives available that encourage homeowners to add on to their homes as opposed to selling and moving elsewhere. Read more

Using An Interior Designer For Commercial Renovations

How to Utilize an Interior Designer During Commercial Renovations

As a business owner, you have to think about every aspect of your company when you are considering a renovation project. Instead of getting stressed out by the process, working with an interior designer can help get things done more efficiently. Read more

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Renovating

The 3 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Renovating

Renovations offer a wealth of benefits, including an increase in your property value. However, to produce the most benefits, they should be completed professionally, and the budget must be spent wisely. Many homeowners jump into renovations projects without doing their research. Read more

Create The Perfect Basement Living Room

How to Create the Perfect Basement Living Room

Most homeowners who have a basement are at a loss of how to properly use the extra space. Basements are often used for storage and privacy since they’re typically much quieter than other areas of the home. However, basements can suit a variety of other needs, too, including a playroom, fitness area, or a second living room. Read more

Zoning an Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room

Zoning Your Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room

Your kitchen and living room do not need to perfectly match. Both have their own functions, so they can also have their own unique styles, design techniques, and textures to set them apart. The key here is to create zones that work harmoniously with each other. Read more

Things To Keep In Mind During Bathroom Renovation

5 Things to Keep in Mind During a Bathroom Renovation Project

Bathroom renovations are a great way to boost the value of a home up to as much as 60%, depending on the changes made. As a result, bathroom renovations are among the most popular options when choosing which part of the home to upgrade. Read more

Smart Choices For Condon Renovations

Smart Financial Choices for Your Upcoming Condo Renovation

In Toronto, there is a large supply of condos for sale. When there is a saturation of a certain type of home on the market, it can reduce the demand and make selling more difficult, especially in higher price ranges. Although there is still a market for condos, it takes a bit of creativity to make your unit stand out from the crowd. Read more

4 Benefits Of Bathroom Renovations

The Top 4 Benefits of Renovating Your Bathroom

Some homeowners consider bathroom upgrades to be a wasteful expense; however, considering how much time we spend there, it is worthwhile to invest in your comfort. Even minimal changes can make a big difference to your bathroom ambiance. Read more

Should You Move, Demolish, or Renovate Your Home

Should You Move, Renovate, or Rebuild Your Home?

Anytime a home no longer meets the needs of your family, you should consider making a change. Depending on what needs are being neglected, this may mean that relocating. However, some families prefer to stay in their current neighborhood due to friends, school, or even proximity to work. Read more

Signs Its Time For a Home Renovation

4 Signs That It’s Time to Renovate Your Home

When you own a home, there are always things to do to keep it well maintained, be it repairs, cleaning, chores, or even upgrades. With so many little things to focus on, you may not notice when a larger renovation may be required. Read more