Home Design Tips For Your Toronto Property

Home Design Tips for Your Toronto Property

Many tips come to mind when thinking about home design in Toronto. One of the most important tips we have to offer is that you should always consult with a professional design firm such as Lion’s Den Construction before starting your project. Read more

Principles Of Interior Design

Important Principles of Interior Design to Remember

When your home has a well-designed interior, it can transform the space from droll to functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whenever a customer reaches out to Lions Den Construction for help with their interior decoration, our skilled design team follows a few basic principles to ensure the most is made out of the space provided.

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Is Hiring A Custom Home Builder More Expensive

Is Hiring A Custom Home Builder More Expensive?

While it may seem like hiring a custom home builder will cost you an arm and leg, over time you will notices that your investment will greatly pay off. Your choice of materials and fittings will be of higher quality which will save you money in the long run. Lions Den Construction has a few advantages you should keep in mind when thinking about the cost of hiring a custom home builder in Toronto.

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Advantages Of Using A Custom Builder For Your Home

The Advantages of Using a Custom Builder for Your Home

Purchasing a new home is exciting, but building your home from scratch is a dream come true. Working directly with a home builder can be an enlightening experience that saves money while also being rewarding. Now that you have decided to build your home from scratch, you will need to choose what type of builder you prefer for the job. Will you hire a custom home builder or a production builder to transform your new home dreams into reality?

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Advantages Hiring Designer For Your Home

The Advantages of Hiring a Designer for Your Home

Chances are, when you are seeking help with the interior design of your new home, you are looking for more than a simple decorator. Several intricate details come with creating a cohesive aesthetic in a home. Read more

How to Insulate Your Home to Be Energy Efficient

How to Insulate Your Home to Be Energy Efficient

Your home has many working parts and the insulation is just one of those parts. From your foundation all the way to your roof, there are several important reasons to make sure that your home is insulated properly. Lion’s Den Construction has actionable suggestions to ensure that your home is properly insulated for energy efficiency. Read more

Great Ideas For The Bonus Room In Your Custom Home

Great Ideas for the Bonus Room in Your Custom Home

New homeowners and potential buyers are no longer swayed by simple layouts and standard homes. Everyone wants to create a unique space that fits their lifestyle and their personality. When you have a custom built home or semi-custom built, you are able to make use of a flexible floor plan. Read more

Selecting Superior Upgrades For Your Custom Home

Selecting Superior Upgrades for Your Custom Home

Custom built homes are never cheap, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get the most out of your budget. In short, build the best home you can within your budget, without skimping on quality services or materials. There are some upgrades that Lion’s Den Construction suggests for every new home that will fit in regardless of your personal style. Read more

Important Facts To Consider When Choosing A Site For Your New Home

Important Facts to Consider When Choosing a Site for Your New Home

In the current housing market, several new homeowners are choosing to have a custom built home. This allows for new owners to have the layouts they prefer as well as the details they desire. There is an abundance of benefits that come with building your home from scratch, such as selecting your layout, location, timetable, and even your builder. Read more

Incorporating Your Flooring Design As Home Renovation Element

Incorporating Your Flooring Design as a Home Renovation Element

At the start of any new home renovation project, it is common for a myriad of design features to come to mind. While you are dreaming of new lighting, brightly painted walls, modern appliances, and even molding, it is easy to forget about what’s under your feet. Read more