Planning Medical Dental Practice Renovation Tips

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Planning a Medical or Dental Practice Renovation? Keep These Tips in Mind

There are several contractors and construction companies that can offer a range of residential construction services, but medical practice renovations require a specialized touch. Not only are the needs of medical spaces different than other types of commercial spaces, but they also have a different set of regulations. Working with a contractor that is knowledgeable in the field is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your medical or dental practice upgrade.

Lions Den Construction has been renovating medical and dental practices in the Toronto area for decades. Based on our experience, we have created a list of the top three tips you should keep in mind during your dental or medical practice renovation project.

#1 Work With Professionals

The most important thing to remember is to pick the right construction company for the job. There are many specialties within the construction field, and medical spaces are one of them. Dental and medical offices are different than residential areas or even other commercial locations. Working with a company that has experience in the medical field will allow you to navigate the renovation process with ease and confidence. Make sure that you hire a certified contractor or company trained in the medical or dental office construction.

#2 Be Mindful of Your Design

Aside from hiring the right construction team, your actual office design is the next most important aspect to pay attention to. Your office design should give your patients a warm welcome while also instilling confidence in your services. For your employees, the design should increase productivity and efficiency in the normal workflow. A high-quality construction company will listen to your ideas and even provide suggestions to help your dream practice become a reality.

#3 Plan For Setbacks

Renovations are always stressful no matter how qualified your construction company may be. When planning your medical or dental practice renovation, keep your timelines in mind when scheduling patients. Consider closing your practice on the days there will be active work in progress or close completely for a total overhaul. This will allow the construction crew the space to focus completely on the project at hand, as opposed to patient safety or noise levels. Of course, if closing your practice is not an option, consider scheduling work for off-peak hours to prevent a bottleneck.

How We Can Help

With our helpful tips, you can take a lot of the anxiety and guesswork out of your next Toronto custom medical construction or custom dental construction renovation. If you are curious about what a medical practice renovation entails or if you just want to get a general quote for your project, Lions Den Construction can help. Our team offers no-obligation consultations for practices of all sizes. We can assist you with securing the proper building permits, revamping your layout and design, and even adding on to your space if required. Simply give our office a call at (416) 893-8318 to find out more.