Principles Of Interior Design

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Important Principles of Interior Design to Remember

When your home has a well-designed interior, it can transform the space from droll to functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whenever a customer reaches out to Lions Den Construction for help with their interior decoration, our skilled design team follows a few basic principles to ensure the most is made out of the space provided.

Some of the most common yet vastly important home interior design principles are harmony, rhythm, proportion and scale, balance, and emphasis. Each of these principles plays an important role that can either transform a space to the next level or leave it a disjointed mess. We will go over each of these areas to help you incorporate them into any design you are considering for your home.

Design Rhythm

Your rooms will have rhythm the same way music does, only visually. Your design rhythm will be a certain amount of predictability and patterns that aid the eye as it travels around your space. The easiest way to effect this element is to use the same color or shape throughout the space.

Creating Balance

To create equilibrium in your home, you need balance. Think about the visual weight objects have by thinking about their texture, shape, size, and color. There are three categories of balance to be aware of:

  • Radial is when you select a focal point of a room and design the rest of the room elements around the focal point.
  • Asymmetrical is when both sides of the room will have a visual weight that is balanced, but not duplicated.
  • Symmetrical is when each side of the room are a mirror of the other. So if you place a vase on one side, there will be another vase on the opposite side.

Emphasize Certain Aspects

Unless you are a minimalist, you will need to emphasize certain aspects of your design. Emphasizing everything will cause nothing to stand apart. Alternatively, you will want to select a few items or areas to be emphasized. This can be a statement piece in your room or even a lovely window or seating arrangement. There are many ways to bring attention to the areas in your space that you would like to become the focus.

Creating Harmony

The harmony of the design in your interior comes into play when the elements of your space come together to form a unified theme. For example, all sleek lines and dark colors may create a theme of modern grace. Natural materials and colors can imply restfulness and ease. Proportion and Scale

Proportions and Scale

In order to develop a space that is balanced and pleasing, it is critical to pay close attention to the size, scale, and proportions of your furniture and decor. Interior design always takes into consideration the scale and size of everything in the room to ensure that it is not merely eye-pleasing but also functional.

How Lion’s Den Construction Can Help

Do you need interior design advice? Our Toronto construction company is here to help! We have a design specialist standing by to offer assistance with the designs for your current home or ideas for a space you are building. Give us a call at (416) 893-8318 to see how we can help.