Reasons Renovate Basement Toronto

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Top Reasons To Renovate Your Basement

Is your home feeling a bit cramped? Perhaps you are in need of a home office or hobby space? If so, your basement is a great place to look for a solution. Homes that have underutilized basements can benefit from an increase in property value and user comfort by hiring an experienced basement renovator in Toronto. For families unsure of how to make the most of their basements, we are here to help. Lions Den Construction has put together a list of reasons to renovate your basement and how to go about it.

Creative Toy Room

Toys are a great way to keep kids entertained, and they also play a big role in healthy brain development. While most children will have a collection of toys in their room, creating a space dedicated to their playtime can be highly beneficial. Not only will this encourage them to get up and move around their surroundings, but it will also make cleaning up much easier.

Home Office

With more people working from home, it is important to have a space dedicated to productivity. Soundproof the walls, set up a filing area, build in some shelving and you are almost done! Add a comfortable desk and ergonomic chair and you will have everything you need to be productive at work without ever having to change out of your pajamas.

Recreation Space

As children grow older, their entertainment space needs will change. Instead of being a place for toys, it can be transformed into a hangout space. You can set up table games, a movie center, or even a dedicated video game area. This will be a perfect place for your kids and their friends to gather without you having to worry about where they are during the day or night.

Media Room

For families that don’t have children or even those that do, the basement can be transformed into a one-stop media room. One area can be dedicated to TV and video games, while another area can focus on computer usage. This is a great way to consume all of your media content in one place without distractions.

Workout Room

Working out is a great way to stay in shape and banish the blues at the same time. While some people still may prefer to hit the public gym, creating your own setup at home will remove any lingering excuses. Install a safety mat, some mirrors, and even a shower to make your home gym truly efficient. Install a cross-trainer, weights, a treadmill, and other equipment to meet your needs for a healthier lifestyle at home.

Guest Quarters

Overnight visitors are always a pleasure, but if you don’t have a place to put them things may get awkward. Consider transforming your basement into a guest bedroom or even an in-law suite if you have space. Build a bathroom and if possible, a separate entrance for a truly private spare bedroom for your guest or family members.

Make The Most of Your Basement With Lions Den Construction

For those looking to upgrade their basements or simply improve on the current design, we can help. We offer a wide range of renovation services for every budget and every need. To find out about how our construction specialists can turn your unused basement into an efficient space, give us a call at (416) 893-8318 today.