Restaurant Reno Ideas Toronto

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Restaurant Reno Ideas On A Tight Budget

With businesses being closed left and right due to the COVID-19 lockdown, small businesses are suffering. Financially, it is seen as a difficult time for many. If you are looking to plan a commercial construction project for an affordable price, Lions Den Construction have come up with some tips and tricks to do so. 

First Impressions Are Important

When you own a restaurant, first impressions are extremely important. Oftentimes, when people are looking for a place to eat, they will determine whether or not to dine at a place strictly based on how the place looks like when they first arrive. 

Making sure your space is clean is important- this means cleaning the parking lot and getting rid of any litter and cigarette butts off the ground. The cleaner the space surrounding your business, the better chance you have of people wanting to stay and eat. Another great way to spice up your business on a budget is to fill up the area with greenery. Plants, trees, flowers and bushes all come together to make the area look lively and full of energy, enticing people to enter.

Make Sure Your Target Demographic Is Known

This step is important, because it will determine where the majority of your customers come from. Make sure to look into the area of where your business is located. This will help give you an idea of the people living there, and how to cater appropriately. If you already have a demographic you want to cater to, make sure to focus on all of the visual aspects necessary in order to attract that group.

For example, if your restaurant is located close to a college or university, students are a popular demographic. In this case, use low-energy lighting and earthy materials and colours. This exudes a more grounded, comfort spot where people can wind down and relax, eating foods that give them peace from the constant craziness of school.

Clean Facilities Are A Must

This one is pretty obvious- no one wants to enter a bathroom full of dirt, grime and odour. The more customers eat at your restaurant, the more the bathrooms are used. It is important to always have a person clean the bathrooms every few hours to prevent smells and unpleasant eyesores. A majority of the time, a person’s view on the bathrooms will directly determine the rest of their experience at said restaurant, so it is important that it is properly taken care of.

In order to make your facilities look bigger, try adding some glass and lighting. White paint will not only make the space look more open, but will also make the area look shiny and clean.

Colours Set The Mood

When you come up with a colour palette for your restaurant space, as broad or specific as it may be, it sets a vibe for the rest of the area. For the longest time, certain colours have had an impact on overall mood and emotion. You can persuade how a person feels by using colours that accentuate those emotions. You can also affect how big or small a space looks by painting with a certain colour.

If you have a small business, use light colours such as a pastel yellow or faded lime green. These will help open up your space and make the place feel roomier. On the other hand, if you have a restaurant that is large in size, go for warmer, darker colours like earthy browns and reds. In every situation, it is most likely best to avoid a wall colour that is blue. This is because the colour blue does not usually compliment the energy that restaurants give off. 

Use The Outdoors To Your Advantage!

In general, people are naturally inclined to want to be outdoors. It gives people feelings of positivity and relaxation. Especially now with the pandemic, patio areas are more important than ever to boost customer popularity. If you have extra space around the outside of your restaurant, use it to your advantage and create a patio space where people can enjoy the fresh air. In addition to this, opening up your space by putting in large windows/glass panels will make the restaurant feel like a place of serenity. 

How We Can Help

These are just a few tips that can help boost your business when you’re in need of increased customer interaction. If you are in need of extra support, our Custom Commercial Construction in Toronto can help. With a team who has years of experience, and a company that is highly organized and professional, we can help make all of your commercial renovation and construction dreams come true. To learn more, be sure to call us at (416) 893-8318 today!