Smart Healthcare Interior Design Toronto

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Smart Healthcare Interior Design

Designing the interior of a medical office or healthcare facility can be challenging. The colors, finishes, design, and other aesthetics are more than just a passing thought. Healthcare facilities incorporate their design into their core mission which plays into the overall care of their patients. The design teams here at Lions Den Construction can help you promote quality patient care through innovative design elements. Some of the elements to consider during your healthcare space design are below. 

Healthcare Code Compliance

Code compliance is critical in healthcare office design. This is not only for the safety of the doctors and staff but also for the patients. Regulations and codes have a dramatic effect on the interior design decisions made so it is important to work with a company that understands them completely. 

Evidence-based Healthcare Office Design

Healthcare spaces change as fast as medical innovations. It is important to create a space that follows modern guidelines, trends, and evidence-based concepts. Most patients avoided healthcare settings in the past in part due to fear of treatment, but also due to the actual look and feel of the treatment center. Modern healthcare settings featuring soothing features, calm colors, and other concepts can improve patient outcomes overall. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning an office or home and cleaning a medical facility is vastly different. Proper cleanability is the best way to prevent the spread of diseases and eliminate the chance of avoidable infections. It is important to pay attention to the design of the furniture, staff areas, treatment areas, storage, and even the surfaces in a medical setting. Knowing which finishes are best for medical spaces and which are most efficient for cleaning are critical. The hardest part of this step in the design process is choosing surfaces, paints, and furniture that support cleanability while also remaining aesthetically pleasing. 

Unity in Design 

Each area of a medical space has specific needs, and it is important to meet those needs while also maintaining unity through the entire office. It is normal for healthcare spaces to expand over time, maintaining a cohesive look can often become a challenge. Working with an innovative company will allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing design that can be improved upon or maintained even through several expansions. 

Prepare A Viable Budget

During any design be it a home, office, or medical space, the budget often becomes the deciding factor. Healthcare construction generally is more costly than other types due to the specialized needs and strict regulations. It is important to set a realistic budget that offers plenty of financing for all of the critical areas while also allowing for an aesthetically pleasing design. You do get what you pay for when it comes to healthcare interior design, but that doesn’t mean a good design has to be price prohibitive. 

Better Designs For Better Patient Care

Healthcare facilities are constantly on the verge of change. In terms of patient needs and government policy, it is important to design your space in a way that ensures positive patient outcomes. With the help of Lions Den Construction, your interior design project and custom medical construction in Toronto will run smoothly and efficiently. For more information on how we can help, give us a call at (416) 893-8318.