Square Footage Cost Of A New Home

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Things That Affect the Square Footage Cost of a New Home

Many things go into building a new home from scratch that can affect its overall cost. The features, materials and geographical location can all affect how much the project will cost. Today Lions Den Construction will break down some of the top factors that can affect the square footage price of a custom-built home.

Home Style

The most common styles in the area are two-story homes and bungalows. A two-story home may be built higher, but it cost less than the former style to create. A bungalow will cost more for each square foot because it requires more flat space from the offset. All aspects of a bungalow from the foundation to the roof are larger than that of a two-story home which will cause the cost to increase per square foot.

Building Materials & Method of Construction

There are several home building methods to choose from and the higher-quality materials used, the stronger the structure will be. When using high-quality materials, following proper building codes and employing the best construction methods, you can expect your upfront cost to rise. The benefits of these costs will give you a low-maintenance structure for years to come. Your material choices and build style will also increase the value of your home.

Green Living

Crafting a home that is environmentally friendly and full of energy-efficient options will have excellent long-term benefits. There is a slightly higher cost upfront when using LEED, R2000, and Energy Star rated items but it’s well worth it. Not only are most of these options superior to the average building codes, but they will also help you save on utility costs.

Many local governments will offer tax credits and rebates for installing efficient materials and appliances. The comfort level you experience inside of your home will also be above average. Naturally, these features increase the resale value of your property.


In most homes, space in the basement is not factored into the final square footage of a home. Properties that have a finished basement and those without finished basements will be the same on paper square footage wise. The main difference is that finishing your basement when your home is built will add more to your upfront cost.

Upgrades & Options

There are an endless number of upgrades and options a property owner can include in their home that will allow it to better suit their needs. Some upgrades, in particular, can add a significant amount of cost per square foot to the final price. When you make any upgrades that involve plumbing, kitchen cabinets, exterior cladding and electrical fixtures it will cause your cost to climb accordingly.

The Workers You Hire

Who you hire to build your home is one of the main aspects that influence the final cost per square foot. In most cases, a professional construction company such as Lions Den Construction will handle the entire project on your behalf. Sometimes, owners may choose to do some of the work on their own and bring in freelance construction workers. Each of these options carries a different slew of cost which can affect the total price you pay for your home after completion. If you are looking for more information about building a custom home, give us a call at (416) 893-8318 to find out more.