Renovating Medical Practice Tips

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Top Tips for Renovating Your Medical Practice

Are you bored with your current medical office setup? Do your patients comment on the outdated decor? Perhaps you visited a competing practice and want to upgrade to stay ahead of the curve? Whatever the reason, renovating is a great place to start. Updating a medical practice takes time, effort, and a high-quality renovation team to make the project a success. Lions Den Construction has a few tips that will help ensure your medical office renovations keep your clients happy while staying within your budget.

Understand Your Space

Do you have a practice in a historic building? Perhaps your building is one that features mid-century design marvels. It is important to choose styles, textures, and colours that fit the building and the space within. Before you jump into designing, sit in each room, and think about its purpose. This will help you to get an idea of what the room needs and how to make effective choices that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Do Your Research

There is a lot of information and ideas to found if you know where to look. Listen to what your staff and clients have to say. Take their suggestions and then look online to see if there are similar designs that meet your needs to draw from. Pinterest and IG are great places to get inspired. You can also look through professional renovation magazines for even more ideas.

Read up on the Basics

If you don’t know about the psychology of colour, now is a good time to read up on the basics. Find out how colours affect people in a medical setting so that you can choose tones and hues that create the atmosphere you desire. Check out matching fabric and furniture styles to redecorate your interior in a way that is pleasing yet functional. Keep in mind that you are decorating a professional space, not a home, so make sure to think about this as you plan your space. You may also want to consider calling our clinic interior design expert for assistance.

Get Your Budget in Order

Knowing how much you plan to spend before you hire a contractor is essential. In addition to your anticipated budget, you should keep an additional 10% of the total amount in reserve for any unplanned problems. This could be in the form of inspections, material expenses, or even design problems that need to be reworked.

Mind the Mess

Renovating a medical practice is pretty messy. Unless you are only changing a small portion, or plan to upgrade in sections, you may need to adjust your patient scheduling. If possible, have the bulk of your front end work done on the weekends or during off days when you have no appointments scheduled. The last thing you want to do is deal with patients getting injured by construction debris.

Hire the Professionals

A lot of people will tackle small projects at home on their own or even hire handymen. For medical office renovations, you should always enlist the help of a certified, professional construction company. Not only will you get hands-on knowledge and professional support, but you will end up saving money too. Professionals can help you get discounts on materials and fast track permits and inspections. If you are ready to give your medical practice a facelift, give Lions Den Construction a call today at (416) 893-8318.