Ways Make Practice Clinic Comfortable Toronto

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Top Ways To Make Your Practice More Comfortable

Spending time waiting in the doctor’s office is not the definition of a good time for anyone. Although this is an unavoidable part of going to the doctor, there is no reason why your patients can’t be comfortable. Creating a welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing waiting area is a good way to reduce anxiety and boost patient morale. Not only will this make your patients happy, but it will also give them a good impression of your practice that keeps them loyal. A good way to achieve this is by calling a Toronto office interior design service, but if you want to start small, Lions Den Construction has put together a few tips on making your waiting area more comfortable for your patients. 

Soothing Colors

There was a time where eggshell and beige were considered the height of decor for medical spaces. While they may be easy to use and decorate with, they are quite boring. Instead, use lively colors that uplift your patient’s mood. Avoid garish colors, but rather stick to calming and soothing tones that will reduce anxiety and give off a feeling of hope. Blues, greens, and muted yellows trigger positive emotions which are beneficial in the medical care setting. 

Encourage Health

It is uncommon to see refreshments offered in a doctor’s office, but if you have the space, it is a great option. Encouraging healthy living and eating habits will further boost the message your practice supports. Offer fresh and healthy snack options for your patients. This can be in the form of a healthy vending machine or even an open snack area with healthy options. Extend this idea to your staff break rooms and lunch areas as well. Get rid of overly processed snacks and drinks and cut down on items that have a high concentration of sugar.

Effective Signage & Comfortable Seating

Uncomfortable seating will make for uncomfortable patients. Go the extra mile by providing soft seating with ample space for your practice visitors. Not only will they be more comfortable, but they will also have lower anxiety levels once they reach the exam or treatment room. Clean seating areas with easy to understand signage will make visiting and navigating your practice more efficient for your patients. 

Improve The Natural Lighting

If possible, improve the natural lighting within your waiting areas and your treatment areas. Natural light helps to improve the human mental state and can reduce stress at the same time. Your patients will feel much more at ease during their visit when they have access to more natural lighting. If your office is lacking in natural light sources, consider using creative lighting to mimic outdoor light. 

Make Wait Times Shorter

There is no way to avoid waiting when you visit the doctor’s office, but you can make the wait times shorter. Long wait times increase anxiety and can even raise blood pressure. This all works together to make patients uncomfortable no matter how lush of a waiting room you provide. Pay close attention to scheduling to avoid overlapping appointment times. Give ample attention to each patient, but also try to reduce the time used on non-essential actions and conversation to ensure the next person in line doesn’t have a long wait. 

Boost Patient Comfort With Lions Den Construction

For those looking for ways to improve the look and comfort of their medical practice, we can help. Lions Den Construction offers a wide range of design and renovation services for those in the medical field. For more information on how we can help you boost your patient’s comfort and office efficiency, give us a call at (416) 893-8318 today.