Zoning an Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room

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Zoning Your Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room

Your kitchen and living room do not need to perfectly match. Both have their own functions, so they can also have their own unique styles, design techniques, and textures to set them apart. The key here is to create zones that work harmoniously with each other. This will make your living space feel larger, while the areas remain distinctly apart. Lions Den Construction has some advice on how to use zoning to combine your living room and kitchen into a stunning, open-concept space.

Kitchen Bar or Island

During your kitchen remodel, consider adding a kitchen bar or island. These are two common ways to separate the living room and the kitchen in many open-concept designs. To create the perfect partition bar, use wood, plastic, stone, or some other textured material on its side, which will create a focal point for the eye. For a kitchen island, consider attaching seating for your dining table on the opposite side to create a “dining” zone. Make sure to pay close attention to the aspect and size ration of any chairs or other furniture you add to ensure a perfectly blended style.

Shaped Entrance or Opening

If you are already removing a wall between your two rooms, simply leave a small part of it to accommodate the desired shape. You can create an arch, a box entry, or any other shape that suits the aesthetic of both rooms. Consider adding small touches, like sconces or mini thereon lamps, to aid with room transition.

Split-Level Flooring

Splitting floor levels is another creative way to combine two spaces while still creating a clear designation between them. One area can be either slightly recessed or slightly raised in comparison with the level of the opposite space. We recommend installing an area that is raised by half of a step. You may even decide to use two different flooring materials to further the distinction. However, just be sure that the height of the ceiling can accommodate any floor changes you choose to make.

Partitions and Plants

Stylized patricians that are light and translucent are a great option for those who want to combine spaces while still keeping some of the kitchen area hidden. You can use an accordion-style barrier or even a door placed on a track. If you want to add in more zoning, you can even lower the ceiling in one of the rooms. A bank of plants or even a large aquarium is another way to create a division between the kitchen and the living room. Choose a style to match the rest of your home in a tasteful way for an aesthetically pleasing finished look.

Create a Cohesive Space with Lions Den Construction

Once you have decided to merge your kitchen and your living room, it is time to create a unique design that fits your needs. Choose which areas to highlight, and which will be more functional. This will help create a cohesive environment that benefits both spaces. For help with your Toronto home renovation project, contact Lions Den Construction. Our experts are standing by to work with you to create a custom solution that fits your home and budget. Give us a call at (416) 893-8318 to find out more.