Modern Full Bathroom Renovation Toronto

The bathroom is where you go to start your day off right and where you come to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax once it’s over. Adding calming colors, invigorating textures, and a soothing layout is the best way to craft your bathroom into an at-home retreat. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in the Toronto area, Lions Den Construction would love to assist you in creating the bathroom of your dreams within a budget you can afford.

Planning Your Renovation

Ideas are easy to come by, but putting those ideas together cohesively and functionally is a challenge. With so many options available, it can be confusing to choose which ones work best for your space. Our expert team will help take the stress out of your renovations by working with you to create a thorough plan that incorporates the features you desire. We can upgrade or renovate your ensuite, main bathroom, or even your basement bathroom in a way that reflects your taste and matches your budget.

Basic Bathroom Renovations

The most common layout in Toronto bathrooms is a toilet, sink, and tub crowded into a narrow space. While this may be functional, it is far from ideal. We can renovate the space to allow for more room by removing a wall and adding a glass partition with a shower rod. Adding a wall hung vanity will improve the look of the space while also creating more room in the walkway area.

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

Ensuite bathrooms can be a getaway right in the middle of your house. Instead of wasting the large space that typically comes with such a bathroom, we can transform it with ease. Our skilled contractors will work with your current layout or create a new one to meet your needs.

Modern Bathroom Renovation

A modern bathroom will have a tub, vanity, and toilet. While most homes stick with the basics, a little bit of flair and a lot of help from Lions Den Construction can make your modern bathroom unique. Maintaining simple finishes and clean lines by using a wall hung vanity with an attached sink will add character and depth to your bathroom. We can also install polished porcelain to the tiles shower floor for dramatic contrast.

Upgrade Ideas for Your Renovation

One of the most requested bathroom upgrades in Toronto is a thermostatic shower system. This luxury upgrade allows you to wash away your stress under a rain-style stream that is paired with temperature control valves and adjustable shower arms.

Curtains are the classic choice for shower coverings, but glass enclosure offers a luxurious choice for upgrades. They allow for a visually larger appearance without having to knock down a wall. We can also install waterproof membranes to your tiled shower to stop leaks in their tracks.

Including a standalone vanity in your bathroom is another way to showcase your style while increasing the overall amount of storage available. We can also help you save money on utilities by installing a dual flush toilet that saves water with every flush.

Let’s Talk About Your Next Project

Lions Den Construction offers a wide range of bathroom remodel, repair, and upgrade services for homes of every size. We have been serving the Toronto area for decades and have the skills and experience to transform your bathroom from dull to delightful. Give us a call at (416) 893-8318 to discuss your bathroom renovation ideas today.