Custom Built Homes

At Lions Den Construction, we are committed to not being just another construction company. We strive to be a company that builds and renovates from an artistic point of view, start to finish. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver not only sturdy, well-built homes, but also homes that are as beautifully unique as you and your family.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients grow into their future by assisting them in meeting their specific design and construction desires. One of our core strengths is the ability to listen to our client’s needs, identify their personal style, and translate that into a great space with a homey feel.

We have a wide network of trusted contractors and employees within our company and are excited to extend that into your project so that you can achieve all of your home dreams. Our ability to custom build means that you won’t have to settle for a cookie cutter house that is near identical to your neighbours. Create a unique oasis by building a home that you can be proud of.

We have a significant amount of experience in consulting which enables us to approach projects different than any other contractor. At our company, we want to maintain a cooperative partnership with our clients. We have structured our services in such a way that we can assist in all aspects of decision-making that are related to the development, design, and construction process.

Building Custom Homes FAQs

As a leader in the Toronto Custom Built Home industry, we receive inquiries on a frequent basis. Listed below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is there a difference between a regular home and a custom built home?

Yes. The key differences between a regular home and a custom built home are the amount of choices clients get to make and the quality of building materials. Regularly built homes are often created to be all the same and are placed in large sub-division developments, with only a few custom options to select from. Custom built home owners have the agency to choose every small detail, the materials used, and house layout. Customization and quality are two major reasons why custom home building is better than regular homes.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

This answer tends to vary. On average, a custom built home takes between one and a half to two years to fully complete. Although, depending on the size of the home and the amount of laborers, materials, and budget, this timeline can change.

Can I visit the lot while my custom home is being built?

Absolutely! We want our clients to be as involved in their home development as much as they would like to be. By coming to the construction site, you are not only able to view the progress of your home, but you can also point out any changes you want made before it’s too late.  It’s important to give us notice when you plan on coming, just so we can ensure the lot is safe for visitors.

What does the building process look like for a custom home?

There are 4 phases of building a custom home.

  1. Land purchase: You need to work with a real estate agent to find the perfect lot for your new home.
  2. Design: This usually entails in-depth appointments with architects and engineers to produce blueprints of your custom home.
  3. Permits: As with any type of construction, gaining a permit from the city is mandatory to begin the build.
  4. Construction: Building your custom dream home with our highly experienced construction team.