Custom Medical Construction

Lions Den Construction is the recognized construction company of medical and dental offices throughout Toronto and the GTA. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is materialized in what we create.

Our services start with the design of your dental or medical office. We have over 10 years of experience, and our staff members have the knowledge and expertise to create a wonderful office design.

At Lions Den Construction, we:

  • Personalize to your specific needs
  • Make it functional for you and your staff
  • Ensure an aesthetically pleasing space
  • Tailor our project to meet your budget, giving you the best value
  • Code compliant workmanship

We have qualified staff who are able to provide architectural drawings if they are required for your project. If needed, we have an engineer on staff that can assess a part of the entirety of a project to ensure safe work is completed. We also have staff members that are specialized in obtaining permits so that you don’t have to stress about communicating with your municipality.

We have a wide range of inventory samples in order to assist you in determining your finish selections. We are your one-stop-shop for all design needs.

We want to see every project through from start to finish. We retain a wide variety of professionals and experts so that we can solve any construction or design challenge or desire that you might have. In addition to building, we offer design services for interior, exterior, and landscapes. Contact Lions Den Construction for help in renovating or building your medical project.

Dental Office Renovation Toronto Etobicoke

Dental Office/Clinic Renovations

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist, but there are many ways that these fears can be relieved. Creating a welcoming and serene environment is one way to give them the confidence they need to complete their visit. With any professional setting, the way the interior looks greatly affects the way visitors will feel. A dentist’s office that looks reliable and feels comforting will put your patients at ease. We are here to help you renovate your dental office in a way that comforts your patients and also keeps them happy during their visit.

Your personality may shine through in your home, but a professional setting, such as a dentist office, is different. The space should give a distinct idea about what your practice stands for while also putting your patients at ease. Our interior designers know how to do this effectively while staying within a strict budget. Additionally, if the patient traffic in your office is not efficient, we can create a floor plan or upgrade your current layout to improve upon this.

When you hire our construction company, you can leave all the hard work to us. That way, you can continue to focus on what’s most important – your dental patients. Here are some of the services our professional renovation team provides to meet your needs.

Maximized Your Space

Most dentists prefer to work in an efficient space, but a dental office also needs to have a certain ambiance. A calming environment that is warm and welcoming to patients will help reduce anxiety and prevent dental visit emotional trauma.

We have skilled engineers, architects, and construction workers on our team to help create a space that is in line with the needs of your practice. We will work with you to streamline your expected patient traffic while also listening to your architectural space design ideas. We will also take your furniture and fixture needs into account when planning your space.

Your Practice’s Needs in Mind

There is more than just space efficiency to think about when renovating a dental practice. We will pay meticulous attention to colors and decor when upgrading your space. Our team understands that it is critical to create an overall look that is soothing for your patients while also supporting your ability to provide high-quality dental care. Having worked in the dental office and healthcare renovation field for years, we understand and can mitigate the most common problems that arise when completing office renovations.

Designing and constructing your ideal space is only a part of what we do. We are also able to take care of zoning issues, permits, and other bylaw requirements of your metro area. This includes washrooms, plumbing, electrical work, and clued access. We pay particular attention to the fire protection needs and security concerts to give you a full-service renovation that makes you proud.

At Lions Den Construction, we want to see every project through from start to finish. We retain a wide variety of professionals and experts so that we can solve any construction or design challenge or desire that you might have. In addition to building, we offer design services for interior, exterior, and landscapes.

Give us a call at (416) 893-8318 today for help in renovating or building your medical project.

Custom Medical/Clinic Construction FAQs

As leaders in the medical construction industry, we have worked with numerous clients in the past. Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions from our previous clients.

I do not want to shut down my medical office for too long, can you accommodate this?

We understand that business owners do not want to have their office space under construction for an immense amount of time. Our team will do its best to strategically plan our work around your schedule. With our experience, we have an accurate understanding of how long each phase of a project should take. With this information, we are able to give you a realistic and accurate time line for your custom medical renovation, and not promise anything that we can’t do.

Why should I choose your company to build my medical or dental office?

Lions Den Construction is proudly a first choice contractor for numerous medical and dental clinics across Toronto. Considering this and after looking through our portfolio, you will understand why choosing us for your custom medical construction project is the right decision.

What types of materials can you offer?

Since we have been working in the industry for so long, we have developed numerous relationships with a handful of suppliers. This means we can offer our clients various sorts’ of materials to choose from. We understand having a professional and well-designed office space is more likely to impress your clients and customers. Our team will do everything in our ability to bring your vision to life at the best price.

I have a strict budget, can you work with it?

Of course! We definitely understand the need of staying within budget. Unlike other construction companies who may add surprising additional costs at the end of a project, Lions Den Constructions ensures our integrity. No matter the project or budget size, our contractors will stay within those limits.