medical exterior design in the gta

The exterior of your building is the first impression that your clients or patients will see. It is critical to have a well-designed and harmonious building to capitalize on the value of a good first impression. Having a well-designed exterior can instill trust and excitement in your patients, and help relax them about their experience.

Exterior design is often overlooked when embarking on a renovation project. You should be just as concerned with the exterior of your space as with the interior. Even if you only have a small space to work with, a skilled designer will be able to find a way to make sure that the space is functional and in tune with the rest of your office design.

At Lions Den Construction we want to do our best to see projects from start to finish. Finished doesn’t end with the completion of the interior of your office. We want to create a holistic experience for you and your patients. If you are interested more about exterior design services, please contact our office. We would be happy to assist you in answering any questions that you might have.

We are also able to offer landscaping services to ensure the most complete exterior look possible.

Medical/Clinic Exterior Design FAQs

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to inquiring about our Clinic Exterior Design services:

I have recently completed an interior renovation at my clinic, can you match the design on the exterior?

Since our contractor team is highly experienced, we are able to locate similar materials and produce complimentary exterior design to your interior elements. We understand the urge for consistency when it comes to professional design services, so our team will do our best job in mirroring the concept you have already produced.

Are you able to also offer landscaping services?

Of course! Our team proudly offers professional landscaping services for commercial properties. Once we have a look at your lot size and layout, we can suggest beautiful complimentary landscape designs which will further improve your clinics curb appeal.

I’m unsure of what I want my clinic exterior to look like, what can I do?

Allow our experts to help you! We recommend taking a look at our project portfolio to get a feel for what type of designs, colours, textures, and layouts you want your clinic to have. Next, we can set up a free consultation and our team can suggest different options, which will help you determine what is best for your clinic.

I want to take the next step in working with you, what should I do?

We can happily get you a free quote for your project. All we require is your contact information and a basic description of your project. We will be in touch with you soon!