What Is Underpinning?

Underpinning is known to be the process where excavating takes place under the existing foundation of a home to fix structural issues, protect against water damage, and for remodeling projects to increase the living space.

When there are changes in the soil’s composition, the foundation of the home, building, or structure can be greatly impacted. This is because the foundation can settle, crack, or crumble, leaving the structure’s integrity at risk. For this reason, underpinning is used to strengthen the foundation of a structure.

How Does It Work?

Underpinning is basically the lowering of the basement and with this type of major project, there are many steps involved to get the job accomplished correctly.

Firstly, all of the personal belongings and furniture will have to be removed from the space. Then, the demolition of the current basement will begin. This will involve a conveyor belt to be installed through the window so that the materials can be removed from the basement and transported to an outside bin. At this stage, all of the concrete located under the flooring will be broken down and removed and then the soil/dirt will begin to be removed. When the dirt is removed, it is removed in stages. Removing the dirt has to be done following certain sections so that the structural support of the home is not at risk. If not done correctly, very hazardous structural problems will occur.

Here at Lions Den Construction, we perform professional underpinning services that can greatly increase the safety and value of a home. When you choose to work with our team, you are choosing to have experts complete this task to perfection.

What Is Underpinning Used For?

There are many reasons why one might want to inquire about underpinning services. Whether you are inquiring about a home, building, or any other general structure, always consult with a professional.

Most often, homeowners will require this service when the original foundation of the home is no longer strong enough to support the house. This can happen when the soil underneath the home has been changed. For example, this could be if plumbing damages are left unrepaired, large trees nearby have rooted here, or through subsidence. Another reason underpinning is used is due to poor workmanship. In some cases, when a home is originally built, the soil conditions are not taken into consideration with the type of foundation that is poured. This could be a result of builders trying to cut corners or skip steps during a project. Homeowners who experience poor workmanship are left with a poorly constructed home.


Additionally, one might want to receive underpinning services if they wish to get more height and living space in their home. This kind of home remodeling project has become popular over the years as it can turn a 6-foot basement into a 8-foot basement by using underpinning services to drop the floor level.

Hire Lions Den Construction for Your Underpinning Services

If you wish to strengthen your foundation and be at ease knowing it has been properly reinforced, then our team at Lions Den Construction would be happy to provide you with our underpinning services. Our team has extensive knowledge regarding structures and foundations, making our team the #1 choice for underpinning services in Toronto.

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