Commercial Interior Design

Having a well-designed structure is great, but the magic comes when that space is decorated in a thoughtful and intelligent way in order to complete the look. A renovation is not truly complete until it has been decorated in the style imagined during construction. If this seems overwhelming, Lions Den Construction has interior designers that can help you with this task.

Decorating the interior space of your office can help boost the productivity and overall mood. It can also do wonders in communicating a feeling or brand image to clients or customers. Most people spend many hours in their office week by week. Having a well decorated and relaxing office space can be just as important as the home.

At Lions Den Construction, we are experienced in designing interior spaces for our commercial clients. We understand that each office and company has specific design needs, and our interior designers are accustomed to working within those requirements to design functional and beautiful spaces. We approach each design with the goal to make it smart and harmonious to the eye.

We work with our clients to understand your exact needs throughout the project. Our large variety of professionals that we have on staff ensures that whatever the request is, we can achieve it. Functionality is always in the front of our minds as we design your space.

At Lions Den Construction we want to do everything in our power to ensure that you are proud and comfortable in your commercial office from the moment we leave onwards. If you think you may be interested in our services, contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Commercial/Office Interior Design FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to our Toronto commercial interior design service:

Why should I hire Lions Den for my commercial project?

Each company has its own brand. Understanding this, owners usually want their office space to reflect who they are. By hiring our design experts we can work together to ensure your office’s interior matches your brand. Clients who visit your newly renovated and designed office space will be impressed.

I have a specific design idea, can you work with it?

Of course! Lions Den Construction specializes in custom work. Whether it is custom built-ins, reception areas, or lighting layouts, our team can bring your customized vision to life. Clients who already have a foundational understanding of the space they want to create will fast-forward the renovation process, and your project will be done sooner.

How long do these projects take?

This answer relies mainly on you! If you are still in the building process and your office space is not yet completed, then our design experts will have to wait. However, if you already have an office space and simply want to renovate, we can get projects done in as soon as a couple of months. As soon as you’re ready, inquire and get a free quote for your design project.

What types of commercial spaces will you work on?

Anything from office buildings for banks and insurance agencies to commercial condominiums and more.

Is there a job size too small?

Absolutely not! We are willing to complete smaller projects for boutique commercial spaces to large multi-story office buildings.