Toronto Custom Home Building Tips

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Custom Home Building Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s be honest — building a custom home from the bottom up is a lot of work. This doesn’t even mention the planning, pre-planning and cleaning up that is required after a project such as this. With all of the detailed work needed to complete a custom built home, there are certain things you will need to avoid that can be easily done if not considered properly. Here at Lions Den Construction, we would like to talk about some of the common mistakes people come across when undergoing a home build & how to avoid them. 

Improper Planning

We get it, building a home can be really exciting! So exciting, that you may skip over some integral steps of the home building process. When you are planning a project such as this, it is best to try and put your emotions aside for a bit and think logistically about everything you need to prepare for. A bunch of different needs will need to be taken into consideration depending on who is living in the home, what you and others want in said home, what needs to be implemented no matter what, etc. Keeping functionality and convenience in mind during the planning process is important so that you can focus on design later and have everything come together harmoniously.


Yes, a custom home is technically supposed to be built to your wants and needs, but only so much of it. This may sound confusing, but hear us out: Over decorating & customizing your home can lead to spending too much money, losing time to make your home properly functional, and throwing off other design aspects of your build. In addition to all of these problems, getting too personal with your designs can lead the value in your home to significantly decrease, making it much harder to sell if you decide to do so in the future.

Of course, it is important to design your home how you want, we don’t want you to avoid doing that! Just make sure you do not get too carried away if you don’t have the money/time or know this place is not your forever home.

Hiring the Wrong Custom Home Builders

This can be one that people easily overlook due to lack of research or otherwise. Sometimes, you can do all the research only to find out the team you hired is not fully capable of doing the job the way you want it done. Some of the best ways to avoid this problem is by:

  • Looking at previous reviews: When people do research, you’ll be surprised to know that a lot of people look over this step. Most companies will have public online reviews by customers they’ve had in the past— look at them to get an idea of what their company is really like.
  • Trying to find project photos online: You want to be certain that your custom home design aligns with the company’s previous work, even if just a little bit. You can do so by going to their website and seeing if they have project photos/a portfolio to look at. 
  • Booking a consultation to see if they’re a good fit: Both of the steps above could be 100% confirmed and the project could still go awry if this step is not considered. Having a good relationship with the people you’re working with is crucial to a successful home design. Most times, a consultation will rid yourself of any doubts you may have had, as this is a time to talk about your design goals, meet in the middle with certain ideas, etc.

Work With Our Team Today

If you’re looking for a company that can bring all of your custom home ideas to life, look no further than our staff here at Lions Den Construction. We listen closely to your needs and work alongside you to come up with a plan that exceeds your expectations. Whether it is quality, style, or functionality, we have all of the skills & experience necessary to implement all the important factors of a custom home build. To learn more about our custom built homes in Toronto, be sure to call our team at (416) 893-8318 today! We look forward to speaking with you and helping in any way we possibly can.