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Design-Build Construction Projects – How to Prepare

Commercial construction projects and residential construction projects are vastly different. Commercial projects are more suited to the design-build model. This allows a single team to handle all of your engineering, architectural, and construction needs. Not only does this make the project run more smoothly, but it ensures you get the best price. However, with this type of project, it is important that parameters are set and any project concerns are addressed before the start of the project. Here are a few things that Lions Den Construction suggests you have in place before starting your design-build project.

Outline the Project

As the owner of the project, you have a clear vision in mind for the outcome. Start by writing down your list of wants and your expectations. Once you have that list in hand, then add the details to each item. This will help ensure that your ideas are properly transformed into reality by your building team. When you speak with the team, they can give you expert advice on each aspect of the project. This is also a good time to discuss the budget for each part of your design.

Research the Trends

You will be building a custom space to fit your specific design preference, but it is also valuable to understand the current market trends. Take a look at new venues in the same niche that are performing well. Consider adopting similar elements that are successful which would also work in your commercial space. Make notes in a journal, take pictures and even save articles that will help your project succeed.

Research LEED & Energy Rebates

Being eco-friendly is more than just a trend; it can save you money on your project in the long term and upfront cost. Find out if incentives are being offered in your area for energy-efficient designs. Some places even offer LEED credit and tax deductions. Some utility companies will offer a discount on rates for buildings that have dynamic glazing, high-efficiency HVAC systems, or LED lighting.

Pin Down Your Budget

Commercial building budgets can range as high as the billions, so it is important to go into your project with a clear budget in mind. Start by knowing your absolute maximum spending amount. Once you are clear on that, then you can easily build a creative commercial building that falls within your planned budget. There is no point in designing a building that you are not able to afford, or worse, running out of funds in the middle of the project.

Make a List of Questions

This is your project and you should be confident about asking any questions that cross your mind. There is no such thing as a trivial question when you are dealing with a team of professionals. Some questions to ask are:

  • The name of your point of contact
  • Who will be working on the project and their qualifications.
  • A list of references
  • Will any work be subcontracted and if so, to whom
  • A timeline or project time estimate
  • Is the construction company insured and bonded?
  • Will the construction company handle testing, permits, COO, and inspections

Keep in mind that even if the project has already started, it is a good idea to ask anything that comes to mind. You should have a weekly meeting with your construction company to go over the progress of the project and to troubleshoot any pending issues.

How We Can Help

Here at Lions Den Construction, we are dedicated to making your design-build construction project run as smoothly as possible. We are confident in our skills and happy to work closely with you to ensure you are fully satisfied. If you’re interested in starting a custom commercial construction project in Toronto, give our team a call at (416) 893-8318 for more information on our services.