Design Choices Encourage Productivity

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Design Choices That Encourage Productivity

When you make the proper design choices, it can often have a huge effect on productivity levels overall. Using the right materials and executing the right tasks will inspire people to get a lot more done, and make you feel like the office renovation was worth your while.

 Today, Lions Den Construction will explain what those decisions are, and how exactly they work in increasing your motivation. 

Brighter Lights = Brighter Mind 

Have you noticed that when you reside within a dimly lit room, you feel unenergized and sleepy? The warm, faint light is associated with night time, and that is why our bodies respond in this way. Our mind and body are convinced that it is time to sleep when inside a dark room, due to being conditioned to sleeping in dark places.  


On the other side of the coin, however, bright lights have the tendency to make you feel more awake. When sunrise occurs, the light is both bright and cool, sending signals to our body that it is time to wake up and begin the day. The lack of warmth in these lights may not feel the coziest, but they spark energy within the body and mind, making it easier to get things done. 

Colours Are Important 

One of the most important factors that have an effect on your mood while inside of a room is colour. It has been proven to have an impactful effect on the human brain, as our minds identify certain colours and shades with certain moods.When you integrate these ideas into your renovation concept properly, it can transform that space for the better, both in aesthetics and mentality. Each colour works in their own different way, and presents a specific mood.  


  • Earth tone greens create a harmonious balance. These soft colours create a balance between both relaxation and motivation. Greens manage to keep your space lively, while also promoting peace and serenity. It is recommended that offices & clinics use these colours, because it invites a calm attitude and a professional aesthetic.  
  • Light/pastel blues help lower anxiety and stress. Stress has a huge effect on both the body and mind. It creates a multitude of problems such as bodily pain, uneven breathing and, in some cases, panic attacks. The last thing you want to do inside your workplace is stress out too much. If you use subtle blues in your space, this will keep employees much more relaxed and a lot less stressed. 
  • Bright, warm colours heighten energy levels. Colours such as red, orange and yellow can raise small levels of stress, which actually work as a benefit to the productivity of the people residing within it. These shades motivate people to work harder and much more efficiently than ever before.  


How We Can Help 

Here at Lions Den Construction, we offer a wide range of different services for both residential and commercial spaces. From start to finish, our experienced team will provide you with a custom commercial construction in Toronto that you are satisfied with. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your final product, and use only the latest and greatest techniques in the industry to date. Want to learn more about how we can assist you? If so, give us a call today at (416) 893-8318 for a FREE quote! We look forward to hearing from you.