Unique Commercial Office Interior Design

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Tips on Making Your Commercial Medical Space Unique

Boosting your medical practice by building your own space is a big accomplishment. Creating a new medical office will be a large step in forwarding your career and can determine your success over the next decade. Not only will your medical space define you as a professional, but it will also impact how comfortable your patients are when they visit. This is why it’s so important to choose the right company to complete the job. Below, Lions Den Construction has shared a few suggestions that will help you create a unique medical space and stand out from the crowd.

Unique Medical Office Designs

The best way to retain patients is by offering superior service in a unique and comfortable office space. Too many medical offices are staffed with quality providers but have boring, run of the mill office designs. Break free of cookie-cutter choices and create a new design that reflects your personality and makes your clients keep coming back time and again.

Open Concept

Certain parts of a medical office need to be private such as exam rooms and patient file areas. Aside from that, consider implementing an open concept medical office to brighten up your space and remove the institutional feel. Plus, since there will be less wall space available to help spread bacteria, your clients will be healthier after visiting.

Make it Simple to Navigate

Open concept medical offices get rid of most the walls that divide areas such as the hallways and waiting rooms. This puts patients at ease and also helps them get to where they need to go more efficiently. It is easy to get lost in a maze of plain door rooms that you find in a typical medical office. An open concept practice will let patients see where they need to go with just a glance or a wave from a technician. When patients can move around easily, they feel more confident and relaxed.

Older patients or those with disabilities that use walkers and wheelchairs will find open-concept spaces much easier to move around in. While there is a certain benefit to medical offices that feel cozy, those that have patients with mobility issues are more benefited by wider spaces. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your walker or cane get caught on a desk, or not being able to navigate a small hallway. Anxiety and claustrophobia are pretty common these days, which is another reason to consider an open concept practice.

A Softer Medical Environment

Before starting your dental office renovation project, think about what colours you want to use in your practice. For example, soft colours will help ease stress and create a calming environment. You should also pay close attention to the shapes and angles you use in your office so that the total ambiance reflects your personality. For an atmosphere that feels welcoming and safe, make sure to use curved edges and round fixtures. Not only are these safer for kids and older people, but they also create a mental feeling of safety in the general population.

How We Can Help

When creating a unique medical space, be sure to hire professionals who you can count on to properly craft your vision, such as the ones here at Lions Den Construction. Our Toronto construction company is here to work with you to ensure that your medical office a success. We have ample medical and dental office renovation experience and our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Give us a call at (416) 893-8318 to find out more.