Common Office Design Mistakes Avoid

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Common Office Design Mistakes To Avoid

Did you know that an office design can make or break the productivity and mood of the people residing within it? This includes employees, managers, visitors, clients, etc. When it comes down to it, you need your office to make a good impression on those visiting (and potentially taking you up on your business!), and make employees feel comfortable and motivated. To do so, we here at Lions Den Construction have come up with some of the most common office interior design mistakes so you can avoid them in your next project.

Improper Lighting

When it comes to lighting in an office space, many buildings will opt for fluorescent lighting. In many situations, this is a cost-effective option, but we believe that the negative effects of these lights outweigh the affordability aspect. Fluorescent lights often add a cold, draining effect onto one’s mood, and in many ways can be too harsh on the eyes. When lights are too dim, alternatively, this can lead to eye strain and other issues. The general consensus for the best office lighting will include lots of natural light through large windows/glass panels, combined with bright, warmer lighting between 3000°-3500° kelvin.

Too Many Cramped Spaces

We understand that offices can be hard to design when you’re considering how many people are going to be working. Even so, it is highly recommended that you avoid office designs that feel cramped or maze-like. When people are forced to work too closely to others, or are not given enough space to move around/work, this suffocating feeling can have a huge effect on people’s productivity. This cramped feeling can also affect those who visit your office space as well. When you are able to, always opt for more open-concept office layouts.

Not Enough Break Rooms

Whilst work is always important during the day, so are breaks. Breaks give people the opportunity to cool down from their period of non-stop work, and refresh their brain for another period of activity. Without breaks, burnout is inevitable and productivity will begin to plummet. Make sure that when you’re renovating your office that you provide your employees with enough break space. This will usually mean supplying them with more than one room for their breaks, and giving them ample space to sit, relax or eat their food while they re-energize themselves for their next work period. These areas should look and feel relaxing in nature, and act like an escape from their workspaces.

Neglection of the Reception

Whilst the other components of an office are considered important to work on, the reception is often the first place people direct their eyes to when walking into the office. Because of this notion, you want to be certain that this area catches everyone’s attention and looks as professional and welcoming as possible. While there are many ways to make this area look nice (decor, clean/minimalist style, warm colours), you want to be sure that the look is both inviting and well-matched to your business. 

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