Selecting Superior Upgrades For Your Custom Home

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Selecting Superior Upgrades for Your Custom Home

Custom built homes are never cheap, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get the most out of your budget. In short, build the best home you can within your budget, without skimping on quality services or materials. There are some upgrades that Lion’s Den Construction suggests for every new home that will fit in regardless of your personal style.

Extra Garage Space

On the surface, it may seem too expensive to add a second garage to your new home, but it’s worth it. Not only will you get more storage space, but the overall value of your home will also increase with the size of your garage bay.

High Ceilings

There is something classically beautiful about high ceilings. Not only do they add actual and visual space in the home, but they also enhance the mood of the house.

More Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are a great way to add a graceful touch to a new home, while also being cost-effective. Hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpet, and make an excellent choice for high traffic areas. If possible, make all high traffic places in your home out of hardwood to save money in the long-run.

Enjoy Granite

Granite counters have a high upfront cost, but they are worth it. It is a durable material that also doubles your investment since it will add value to your home as well.

Kitchen Island

An island is a great way to break up your kitchen and make more space for working. You can use it to dine, serve, entertain, or prepare. If you have a larger island, you can even add an extra stovetop space.

Basement Walkout

If you have a basement, then adding a walkout is a great way to extend your living space. It can be converted into an extra suite or connected to your outdoor area. Brighten the space with large windows and sliding doors.


Lighting has a lot to do with how your space looks. Poorly lit rooms can have skylights, whereas rooms that face the sun can have large bay windows. Your contractor will be able to work with you to create other natural light sources that fit well with your design.

Basement Heating

Most basements are cold and drafty, and adding a source of heating will turn it from a cave into a comfort cove. You can install a fireplace or even heated flooring according to your preference.

Get In Touch about Your Upgrades

We have gone over most upgrades that can be applied to any custom home regardless of the style. There are plenty more that are suitable for specific home styles and layouts that we are happy to suggest. Some upgrades will make more sense depending on your budget, climate and your lifestyle so give us a call. We are here to talk to you about the various upgrade options for your custom home or to help you draft a plan for your renovation efforts. Call Lion’s Den Construction today at (416) 893-8318 to find out more.