Regular And Medical Construction Companies Differences

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The Differences Between Regular and Medical Construction Companies

When it comes to specialized buildings, you need a specialized construction company. For those in the medical field, an office is more than just a workplace. It is a place where your clients come to receive healthcare treatments and services. For most medical staff, the field is more than just a profession – it is a passion. Creating a space that reflects your passion for providing care is often complex, but with the right construction company, it is achievable.

When you are looking for a construction company to improve or expand your current space, you must be picky about who you hire. Medical office renovation, design, and construction differ greatly from residential and commercial construction. Lions Den Construction details exactly what sets medical construction apart below.

Why Hire Specialist Medical Practice Construction Teams?

When hiring a contractor for your practice, paying a bit more for one with experience in building medical clinics is well worth the cost. Along with experience in the field, they also bring additional forms of expertise to your project.

Energy-Usage Expertise

Medical practices and clinics are often much larger than residential locations. The machines used in a medical setting also consume more energy. The wiring must be reinforced, and the insulation and walls must be crafted in such a way as to absorb the extra heat generated. Specialized construction companies will help you to get the most out for your upgrades while also ensuring your energy usage is efficient.

Health and Safety Regulation Knowledge

The most important factor that comes into play when hiring a construction company is familiarity with the regulations and specific building codes for medical spaces. Medical offices have a higher code of regulations to follow, such as the inclusion of fire escapes, readily-accessible first aid kits, visible exit signs, smoke alarms, and much more. Each practice must comply with these regulations, or the practice will not pass inspection. Construction companies that specialize in medical construction will be able to ensure that your project is always up to code.

Designs That Are Industry-Specific

Medical-focused construction companies are well versed in all of the little details that make a clinic work. From spacious waiting areas to well-lit exam rooms, those with the know-how can help bring your vision to life. Handicap-ready bathrooms, medical supply storage areas, and even custom break rooms can transform your space for ordinary to extraordinary. Using the right construction team for your medical practice can mean the difference between a booming practice and one that is struggling to retain patients.

How We Can Help

If you are looking to make the most of your medical practice upgrades, contact the experts here at Lions Den Construction. We have years of experience in the Toronto custom medical construction industry. Our team makes a point of staying up to date on the latest trends, and we always ensure that our projects follow local building codes to prevent any delays in reopening. Give us a call at (416) 893-8318 today for more information.