What Makes Sports Facility Construction Different

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What Makes Sports Facility Construction So Different

Commercial construction companies routinely take on a wide variety of projects, but one of the most challenging is building a sports facility. While many commercial buildings share similar steps, sports facility construction has its own features that create unique challenges. Lions Den Construction has created a simple guide to help detail what makes sports facility construction different from other commercial building projects.

Exact Deadlines

Though most projects tend to follow a tight deadline, those that involve sports facilities have firm deadlines. Sports season start and end times are pretty much set in stone. It is critical that a contractor is able to meet their deadlines. With athletics seasons on the line, finishing ahead of schedule or exactly on schedule is key.

Design Challenges

Most sports facilities are quite large which can make creating an intimate atmosphere for spectators a challenge. There must be attention paid to premium seating, club spaces, suites, concession areas, and more. The most difficult challenge is creating a destination that excites the fan and entices them to visit the venue. That means creating a way for the fans to feel close to the action and connected with the team.

Passionate Property Owners

The owners of sports teams tend to have high levels of passion for the sport and their team. As a result, it is common for them to be hands-on when it comes to the construction of their sports facility. For larger teams, construction will typically be managed by a committee that will approve designs and often suggest changes or upgrades. The local community will also have a great interest in the construction of their local team. This can add pressure to both the property owner and the construction company due to the emotional investment on all sides. Working with a company that has experience with sports facility construction will ensure that the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Congested Location

No matter what size team the facility will house, chances are the land that hosts the complex will be rather small. Local teams have a penchant for building their facilities in the middle of downtown, while larger teams may choose a city center. In both cases, the area will be surrounded by other commercial buildings such as shops, hotels, and restaurants.

Challenges in the Environment

Facilities that will host several different sports have even more challenges. The HVAC system used in the complex will need to be able to adjust to whichever sport is being played in any particular season. In addition, lighting systems will need to be convertible to accommodate a range of different sports. Lighting in particular is a critical system and the maintenance team must be able to cool the lights during the downtime prior to their use during the next game.

Our Sports Facility Experience

Here at Lions Den Construction, we understand the unique needs that come with sports facility construction. We are able to work with you to meet the needs of the staff, the athletes, and the fans. Building high quality, attractive and functional multi-purpose sports facilities will reflect well on the team and its owners. If you are interested in learning more about our Toronto commercial construction and premier sports facility building services, give us a call at (416) 893-8318 now.