Toronto Commercial Construction Design Build Model

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Commercial Construction Design Build Model Preparation Guide

If you are unfamiliar with the design build model, it is where everything you need can be found with one team. This includes your architecture team, engineering team, and construction team. Making this model perfect for all  commercial construction projects. The main goals of this model are to adequately provide maximum efficiency and the highest quality. We do this by offering the best products available, get things done quicker and in a timely manner, and all with the best prices!

In order to properly succeed with the design build model, one of the most important things is to get all the parameters explicitly defined and make sure to have all your concerns and questions so that they can be answered right away by the teams. When you are preparing, Lions Den Construction has come up with the things you should have ready for your first meeting.

Get The Required Specifications and Project Scope Outlined

As the owner of the project, or at least the representative, you are the main point of contact with regards to everything project related. You know the exact wants and needs of the project that are crucial for the project to be successful. The first thing you need to do is begin by writing out a wish list. This will contain things like what you want and what you need, as well as the overall final outcome of the project. Once you have this list, get into more detail about every item you put on the list. As an example, for your needed items list, if it has something like a big glass storefront presence that has visibility into the interior space, break that down further by including things like: whether the system is framed or frameless; the type of glass glazing; what style you want the automatic doors to be; specific security features, and so on and so forth. Going through this list with your team is going to make it a little easier. They will be able to make recommendations on things like what options you have for each individual detail, offering advice, and going over costs of each item to keep you in your budget plan.

Research Current Trends

Do your market research and figure out what people want, what is popular, and what has been successful. You can even go out and take a look at some competitors’ venues and what aspects you like and what has been successful for them. Bring something to jot down all the things you like and all the things that are working well. You can also consult trade journals to get up-to-date trends in your industry. Create a mood board of magazine clippings that portray the things you want, anything to help you explain the vision you have is a good thing to bring with you to the initial meeting. Bring in as much information as you can so that you can paint a picture for everyone and all be on the same page.

Look Up Energy Rebates and LEED Credits

Potentially, there could be things like LEED credits or other types of financial incentives that you can get if you implement certain energy efficient designs into your commercial construction project. Your local utility companies should be able to tell you if there are any offers going on for installing certain things like high efficiency HVAC systems that have air exchangers, LED lights, or dynamic glazing. The people on your design build team will be able to help you identify and specify each product and system you researched.

Have Your Budget in Mind

All commercial construction projects have a large budget to work with. But what is important for you to know is your exact maximum budget. It only hurts you in the end if you haven’t properly considered what your exact funding is. Before beginning any work, have a meeting with your financial advisors and work out a maximum budget. Doing this will prevent having to reinvent the entire project due to inadequate budgeting and establishing financial boundaries. Having to redesign your project once it has already gone underway can also cost you through change orders and design revisions.

Have All Questions Ready

There is no question you shouldn’t ask. If there is ever a time where you don’t know something, no matter how small or big, ask the question. Remember, this is your construction project and you are not an expert in the industry. Which is why you can ask your team, who are experts in the construction industry and they will be able to answer you. The team you hire is going to have all your best interests in mind and building a good relationship with them will help everything run smoothly. Cohesively working together is going to make the outcome of your project better, for everyone. Communication is key and asking questions is a great way to do so.

Here are some things you will want to know:
-All team member and their qualifications
-Point of contact person for each team
-Timeframe for project completion
-Is the company completely insured
-3 references to check
-Who are the subcontractors
-Who is responsible for all inspections, certificates of occupancy, testing, and permits

Throughout the entire project, make sure to ask any questions that arise. Taking time to schedule weekly meetings is also important. This keeps you in contact and up to date on the project as it progresses. You can do this though web calls or in person, whichever is preferred. Again, communication is key, and staying in constant communication will help make sure everything in your design build commercial construction project runs as smoothly as possible and that everyone’s expectations are being met throughout the whole thing.

How We Can Help

If you are looking to hire a reliable team to execute a Toronto Custom Commercial Construction design build model, we are the construction company for you! Our team at Lions Den Construction has many years of working in the industry. Give us a call today at (416) 893-8318! You can also learn more about us on our website.