Creative Ways Renovate Basement Toronto

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Creative Ways to Renovate Your Basement

Basement design and renovation ideas are virtually endless. All you have to do is sit down and establish what you want out of your basement remodel. One popular option is to make it a livable space, increasing the overall size of your home with usable space.

Proper planning is always a very important step when doing any renovation. The next most important thing is to hire the right people for your basement renovation project. The right contractor will be able to help you plan out the space and organize your ideas with current trends in order to create something you will love. Lions Den Construction has come up with 7 amazing ways that you transform your basement into a masterpiece.  

Ideas and Designs  

Home Theatre 

What better way to make use of your basement than making it into your own personal home theatre? All you need is a nice big flat-screen TV or even a projector, a surround sound system, and good lights. It will be up to you if you want to opt for a plush comfortable carpet, authentic theatre seats, or add an accent table for when you want to catch a game on TV with your buddies or family.  

Home Gym 

Now, more than ever, going to an actual gym is hard to do. You might not have even liked going before the pandemic. If this is the case, a home gym is the perfect alternative! Transforming your basement into your personal workout room is actually a simple switch. All y9ou really have to do is get some training equipment, some large mirrors, as well as your favourite exercise equipment. It is also easy to install some floor padding, if you want to for things like yoga on the side. You can also put in a comfortable carpet, if you want.  

Adults Game Room 

One of the most ideal spaces for a game room is the basement. When you have the proper layout and design, you can make any basement into the perfect adult hangout space. All your family and friends will want to visit in order to enjoy your entertainment space. Things like pool tables and dart boards are perfect for this room. 

Kids Game Room 

If you’ve got kids and you want your upstairs living area to remain clean, tidy, and organized, a great play area that can stay separate from the rest of the house is the basement. It creates a perfect playroom for them to have all their toys and run around. It makes things easier for containing messes and entertaining the kids, all at the same time! 

Home Office 

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. With so many homes not prepared to accommodate an office, why not use your basement? Keep the rest of your house the way it is without having to sacrifice a room upstairs for your new office. Basements are usually calm and quieter than other areas of your house. Making it the perfect place to set up your work stuff. You will need to get some things in order to make the space more comfortable. Look into getting proper office furniture like a desk or table, a chair, a computer, filing cabinet, bookcase, and maybe even a nice lounge chair for decoration. Whatever you need to work better in the comfort of your own home, make sure to get it.  

Extra Bedroom 

The easiest place to add another bedroom in your house is the basement. Why try to rearrange the rest of your house if you have the available space in your basement already? With enough room, you can make this a luxurious bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, closet or walk-in closet, comfortable bed, and side table. If you don’t particularly need to use this room, for a little extra cash, you could consider renting out your new basement room.  

Laundry Room  

Sometimes there isn’t enough room on the upper floors for your laundry room. This makes your basement a perfect place to have it. If you have a decent sized basement, you might want to consider having part of it for your laundry room and the other part for something else, like storage.  

How We Can Help  

If you are thinking about repurposing your basement into something more fun or useful, our team at Lions Den Construction will be able to help you with your Toronto Basement Renovation. Our team is composed of highly skilled workers with years of construction under their belt. Give us a call today at (416) 893-8318 or visit our website for more information.