Things Consider When Renovating Outdated Clinic

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3 Things To Consider When Renovating Your Outdated Clinic

Around the world, clinics are a safe haven for those who are dealing with any type of health-related issue, minor or severe. Each clinic varies in its specialty, but all of them work towards one main purpose: bettering the health and wellness of everyone.  

Whilst an experienced & educated team is integral to a good clinic, so is the building and the equipment inside of it. When all of these factors that contribute to design and functionality are outdated and worn down, patients will go elsewhere and your clinic’s efficacy will start to decline. The bright side? With the help of a construction company, you can undergo a clinic renovation and change all of that. 

Here at Lions Den Construction, we want to talk about the three main things you should consider before renovating your outdated clinic.  

Upgrade Your Machines & Technology 

One of the most important factors of making a clinic work at its best (besides the team of course), is the technology within it. When your clinic’s tech is outdated and your patients become aware of better ways that this technology is utilized, they will want to go elsewhere for their health needs. Most importantly, however, outdated technology prevents your patients from seeking the best care possible. With the right upgrades to your machines, the computer’s patient system and equipment, you can completely transform a clinic. 

Make The Design Look Fresh 

One main issue that a lot of clinics face in the world today is a lack of modern design. Many clinics go years without a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and trendy decor. These all may seem like small changes, but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference these aspects make on the mood and energy of your patient. Entering an old clinic with dimmed lighting and limited space can make a patient feel sluggish and uncomfortable, but renovate that clinic with bright lighting, some flashy walls and cozy seats and you’ve got a whole new atmosphere. While we must note that there are limits to designing clinics (in order to maintain a certain level of professionalism), a little can go a long way and make everything else in your clinic look newer and more functional. 

Pro Tip: If your clinic has an awkward patient flow due to its layout, consider reworking the area so that it encourages an effective flow of patients for an easy in-an-out appointment. Comfort is key, and when your patients are able to move around a clinic freely without feeling confused or suffocated, you’ll see the benefits as well. 

Keep Everything Clean 

The factors we have stated above contribute to a patient’s mood, but cleanliness is also a factor that greatly affects how a patient feels about a clinic. While we know clinics will be aware of the importance of cleanliness inside of the doctors room, it’s just as important in areas like the reception, waiting room, kids play area, etc. It is also integral to keep germs from spreading when someone comes to your clinic sick, and cleaning your waiting room with disinfectant as often as possible will reduce this risk tenfold. 

If a patient notices dirt, grime or mold hidden in a crack inside the wall or on the floor near their chair, that sense of reliability and trust between a patient and their doctor begins to plummet. Always make sure to deep clean your clinic at least once every month/two months and disinfect as often as possible to guarantee your patients feel safe and ready to go about their appointment with confidence. 

How Our Company Can Help 

When you need to renovate your clinic and want to ensure it is done with the utmost professionalism, skill and style, let our team at Lions Den Construction help. For years, we have worked on a variety of different renovation projects in clinics, commercial spaces and homes alike. If you would like to learn more about our dental clinic renovation in Toronto (and more!), be sure to call us at (416) 893-8318 today.