Create The Perfect Basement Living Room

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How to Create the Perfect Basement Living Room

Most homeowners who have a basement are at a loss of how to properly use the extra space. Basements are often used for storage and privacy since they’re typically much quieter than other areas of the home. However, basements can suit a variety of other needs, too, including a playroom, fitness area, or a second living room. With a few smart design choices, your basement could be a place where you can spend additional quality time with your family. Lions Den Construction has put together a list of some creative ideas that will transform your small basement into the perfect living space.

Basic Living Room

If your basement is smaller than other rooms in your home, you can do a few things to make it comfortable. Start by painting the walls white or a light color to make the room seem bigger. You can also use white accents, furniture, or fabrics to create the appearance of a larger room.

If you’re unsure of what furniture and decor will suit your home best, our Toronto interior design experts would love to assist you!

Warm Family Room

For a room that creates a vibe of comfort and serenity, the family room style is the best. Opt for soft colors, warm couches, and plenty of light to soften the space. You can use wall paintings in pastel or other light colors to create a peaceful mood. Add plants and even a fish tank to add some flare to your newly renovated space.

Informal Living Space

In this styling option, there should be plenty of diversity and color in the room. Instead of sticking to a single color scheme, mix and match colors and patterns for an eclectic feel. The wall decor and furniture should also vary. Use different styles, but make sure they also work well together, or the space will simply look like a thrown-together mess.

Modern Design

Use modern furniture and modern electronics to create a basement from the future. Lots of marble, glass, and LED lighting will bring this effect to life. Leather couches are an option, and you can even add wall stickers to make the space more fun and lively.

Contemporary Modern Design

You can also transform your basement to reflect today’s latest trends by using contemporary design. Use white bookshelves, wooden pieces, and contemporary accents to create character. Make sure to choose furniture that will properly fit the available space and the theme. This will ensure the area doesn’t feel sparse or overcrowded.

Rothenberg Styling

This style is all about the natural and natural-looking decor. Use materials that give the room a delicate, yet earthy appearance. Most basements feel hostile, but this style is warm and welcoming. Think hardwood floors, leather couches, and nature-themed paintings on the walls.

Duncan Avenue Styling

Rugged basements with harsh features such as meal gates and pipes can benefit from a Duncan Avenue design. Fill the space with a couch, shaggy rug, and interesting colors to draw attention away from hard elements such as pipes.

Your Basement, Your Way – With Lions Den Construction

Every basement has the potential to look amazing with the right design and a helpful construction team. Lions Den Construction is here to offer basement renovation and design advice, and to help bring your ideas to life. If you are ready to transform your small basement, give us a call today at (416) 893-8318.