Tips for Creating A Custom Playroom in Your Home

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Tips for Creating a Custom Playroom in Your Home

When you are planning to renovate your home, it is important to think about the spaces you will create for each person in the family. The smallest members of your family are just as important as the older ones. Designing a playroom for your children will give them a new, beautiful space to create lifelong memories in. If you are looking for some interesting playroom design ideas, Lions Den Construction has a few tips to help.

Identify Your Renovation Space

Before you think about the design of your playroom you need to determine the amount of space you plan to dedicate for its use. You can use any space in your home such as the basement, unused family room or even empty office space you no longer use. Make sure there is enough room to place shelving for your kid’s toys and a play area in the middle. If your home doesn’t have space for this type of playroom, it could be worth adding an addition to your home.

Once you have set aside space for the playroom, it is time to start thinking about interior design. Of all the rooms in your home, your child’s playroom is the one where you can let your imagination soar. Keep in mind that the space will need to be durable and devoid of sharp angles that can injure little bodies. As far as materials, you should also focus on durability over high-end options. Think about the ease of cleaning any materials you use for the room as well as sturdy fabrics and bins for storage.

Designing Your Play Space

Now you will need to consider how you want your kids to use the space, and how they actually will utilize the space given. Make areas for your kids to complete various activities. Also, make sure you have plenty of storage for them to keep the space tidy when not in use. Consider making a book corner, a crafting area, even a dress up or a media area.

For extra novelty, you can make each area of the space a different color that matches the planned activity for the space. Try to make the playroom as organized as possible so that your kids can put things away easily when they are done. Consider asking for their input when planning the space to make the room more kid-friendly and customized to their personalities.

Make it Safe

Safety is a very important aspect of a children’s playroom. Make sure the furniture is the right size for their bodies and ensure that any heavy items are secured to prevent accidents. For sockets consider adding covers and latches for the cabinets. Pay close attention to the materials used during construction to ensure that they don’t have anything toxic.

How We Can Help

Adding a playroom to your home is meant to be fun and stress-free. When you work with the experts here at Lions Den Construction that is exactly the experience you will receive. If you are ready to get your playroom project started, or if you would like to know more about our custom home, renovation and design services, give us a call at (416) 893-8318.