Custom Home Builds Q&a

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Custom Home Builds Q&A

Deciding to build a home to your specific wants, needs and preferences is a really amazing way to cultivate the comfort zone of your dreams. From start to finish, you can be in charge of the home’s layout, how it’s going to look, how much space it has, what the outside looks like, etc. With all of this responsibility, however, comes a lot of planning and research. If this type of information gets lost on you, chances are you will have a very difficult time navigating the custom home building process effectively.  

Here at Lions Den Construction, we have come up with a quick Q&A guide about some of the most important factors of custom built homes so you can become better informed on how this project works/how you should go about it. 

How Much Money Will It Cost? 

No construction company will be able to give you a solid answer to this question until you send over your specific plans. After all, there are an endless amount of variables that go into this type of project that are too long to even be listed on here. Things such as what materials you’ll be using, what appliances you will need, what type of roof tiles you want, how many floors you need, the list goes on and on. With each unique project, comes a unique price tag. While one custom home build project may be smaller in size, the materials chosen and features installed may be more expensive, making it just as more costly as a larger home build. While this answer usually stays unknown, construction companies will usually have a cost per square foot, meaning you can get a rough estimate if you have all of the blueprints for the build. 

How Long Does This Process Take? 

Whereas most construction companies don’t have a general answer for the cost, the length of the process has a more specific answer. While both of them still maintain the idea that they will differ depending on the project itself, the general timeline for how long a custom home build will take is anywhere from a year to two years. From the start of the process to the end where you have the keys, most people will estimate a year and a half. For larger/complex projects, anywhere up to two years. 

What Is a Spec Home and How Does It Differ From a Custom Home? 

When you talk to a contractor about building a home without specifying it being a custom build, they may ask if you want a spec build or a custom build. You may assume that both of these fall under the same category, but these builds are drastically different. A spec build is a home build that is planned primarily by the contractor. Whereas you choose the design and layout for a custom build, a spec build gives the contractor the power of choosing what design and layout works best for the current market. While you will still have some say in how the build is made, most of it ends up falling onto the builder. A custom home build gives you all of the power in terms of style, layout, colour, material choices, etc. 

Why Should I Go Through With a Custom Home Build? 

Think of it this way — when you decide to buy a home that’s been built already, chances are you are lowering your standards in some way or another. It is no lie that most people have a checklist of things they look for when trying to find the perfect home, and nine times out of ten we never find a place that ticks off all the boxes. When you go through with a home build, you get to create the perfect home you’ve always wanted. There is no need to tick off any boxes, because you will be the one making the ideal checklist!  

Hire Our Company Today 

For any type of project, big or small, our team at Lions Den Construction is there to help guide you and make the custom home building process that much easier on you. To find out more about our custom built homes in Toronto and how you can bring your home dreams to life with our company, call us at (416) 893-8318 today!