House Remodel Or Rebuild

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Should I Remodel or Rebuild?

So, you’re looking to transform your home with a construction company in some way. The good news is you have two main options— remodeling your home or rebuilding your home. A lot of people will either assume that these things go hand in hand, or that they are the same thing but worded differently. The truth is, both of these concepts are completely different and will be most beneficial when you take your preferences into consideration. 

With that being said, which one will be best for your project? A remodel or a rebuild? Here at Lions Den Construction, we would like to talk about the difference between the two and how they work so you can determine which one is perfect for your situation.  

Remodel vs. Rebuild 


In simplest terms, a remodel is a smaller version of a rebuild. Instead of working on the foundation, build and overall layout of your home as a whole, remodels work to focus on the designs that lie inside the home. This type of project is best for those who don’t want to completely rework the build of their home, but rather switch up the design so that it matches the vision they want. This can include repainting walls, refacing countertops, adding a new backsplash, replacing the flooring, etc. While these changes may technically be smaller than a rebuild, they can go a long way in transforming the look of your home for good.  


While a remodel works on the smaller aspects of one’s home, a rebuild requires taking down parts (or the entirety) of your home and reworking them to change the layout, foundation and design (both inside and out). With a rebuild you can start anew, creating new rooms and spaces to your liking. This option is best for those who are currently living in a home that doesn’t meet their needs and wants a drastic change. By implementing a rebuild, you can go beyond what you thought was possible and create the home of your dreams.  

What is Your Budget? 

Now that we know the difference between the two, we can start looking into other factors you should be considering when making this decision. One of the most important ones, of course, is money.  

Since remodels require less strenuous effort than a rebuild, they will often be the more cost-friendly option. While they offer less customization than a rebuild (due to the limits of your home’s layout), they can really go a long way in making your home look beautiful if you implement them properly.  

If you have the money and truly desire to rework your entire home, a rebuild is recommended. Rebuilds are great because you can change nearly every aspect of your home, but will often be a lot pricier. We recommend that you only go about this project if you have the budget. Another budget friendly way to implement this project when you’re looking to add space onto your home is by hiring home addition services. 

Where Will You Stay During The Project? 

This is another important thing to consider before implementing these types of projects. The good news is that if you decide to go with remodeling your home, there is no need to leave your place and find somewhere else to stay at! With a rebuild, however, the same cannot be said. Since the home is going to be torn down and reworked, there is no place for you to stay comfortably and safely in your home. When choosing this option over a remodel, be sure that you have a plan in mind whether that is staying at a friends house, booking a BNB or signing a short term lease elsewhere. 

Work With Our Construction Team Today 

Whether you are deciding on doing a remodel or a rebuild, our team at Lions Den Construction can help. With our countless years of experience in the field, we can implement the perfect remodel or rebuild based on your design wants and needs. To find out more about our custom built homes in Toronto and how yours can be next, be sure to phone our staff at (416) 893-8318 today. We look forward to hearing from you!