Medical Office Interior Design Psychology

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The Psychology of Medical Office Interior Design

There are a large number of things that people process on a subconscious level. Throughout the day, our brains work to sort out what is going on around us. This includes things we may not be actively paying attention to, like background noises or something seen out of the corner of our eye. While these things are small, they can leave a big impression. This is the source of our intuition.

The environment that we are in can have a dramatic impact on how we feel about a person or place. When it comes to medical clinic designs, it is even more important to keep psychology in mind. Below, Lions Den Construction has listed some details you should pay attention to during your medical office construction project in order to create the best environment for your patients.

Choosing the Right Colours

Colour is one of the first things your brain processes. Our brain attaches different feelings to colours that were present during various events in our lives. There are some exceptions, but most people are affected by colour in the same way. Colours such as orange, red, or yellow bring a sense of warmth based on years of social associations. You probably think about hot glowing metal or fire when you think about these colours. Cold is attached to green, purple, and blue for the same reason.

Colours also are associated with emotions as well. This is one of the main reasons that colours for your medical practice should be chosen with care. Red, bright yellow, and orange can bring to mind thoughts of emergency or anger. In patients, this can cause anxiety during a regular doctor’s appointment. Too much blue and purple will leave you patients feeling overly cold or surrounded by negativity. The best colour options are light purples, soft warm colours, and earthy greens for the interior. These hues are calming and tend to trigger neutral feelings instead of either extreme.

The Shape of Your Decor

As much as colour may affect people’s feelings, the shape of an item also has a psychological effect. Bubbly shapes and round edges give people a feeling of safety and comfort. Squared edges or sharp shapes can be off-putting.

Think for a moment about clowns. True, many people are afraid of clowns as a whole, but let’s look at the shapes they use for their face paint. Most often, clowns used rounded shapes around their eyes and mouth to make them appear more safe and friendly. On the other hand, villains tend to have scars, slashes, and sharp shapes in their designs to show danger. The same theory works for medical offices. Patients tend to feel much safer and more relaxed around rounded decor with soft accompaniments. When you are choosing how you will decorate your medical office, it is important to keep this in mind.

How We Can Help

If you are considering changing the design of your medical office, Lions Den Construction can help. We have years of experience in the Toronto medical clinic interior design industry that we will bring to bear during your project. For more information, give us a call now at (416) 893-8318. We can’t wait to speak with you!