Residential Commercial Construction Differences

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5 Critical Differences Between Residential & Commercial Construction Projects

The construction industry offers services to many different people. Commercial, residential, and industrial are the three main types of construction services available, and they are all very different.

Many people assume that construction work can be completed by anyone or any company in the field. In actuality, there is a big difference between custom commercial construction and residential construction that can affect the overall success of the project. Lions Den Construction has put together a list of the top five differences between commercial and residential construction to help clear up this common misconception.

Codes & Permits

All forms of construction require specific permits and adherence to municipal codes. The rules that surround commercial projects are much different than those followed for residential buildings. Commercial buildings have more rigid codes to follow due to the public nature of the structure. For instance, most commercial buildings have to account for elevators, fire safety systems, and other complex electrical systems. Even the most modern homes and apartment buildings do not have the complex systems that you will find in commercial spaces.

Construction Uses

Residential construction involves building, renovating or repairing a home, apartment or any other domicile. In most cases, this type of construction is for the owner of the property who will be residing in the building. Commercial construction is performed on behalf of a company and usually an office or retail location. These projects also have to account for several types of business residing within the same building, as opposed to residential projects that deal only with living spaces.

Equipment Required

Even the largest mansions are small projects when compared to the size and scope of commercial buildings. The larger structures created for commercial uses often need larger cranes and other base equipment during their construction. Most of these are not used for residential projects and even then, most commercial equipment requires a different set of specialized skills for their operation.

Construction Materials

Residential construction projects rely mainly on wood, while commercial locations will use heavy amounts of steel. The price difference between the materials is much higher, and most homeowners are unable to afford steel for their projects. The builders will need to have a good relationship with suppliers to source the right type and amount of materials for their respective fields.

Speed of Work

Everyone wants to complete their project as quickly as possible. However, business owners have a single focus – to get their doors open. Homeowners, on the other hand, also have to focus on work, family, and other tasks that may force a project to progress more slowly.

Making the Right Choice for Your Project

Our Toronto construction company has been serving the Toronto area for many years. We offer cost-effective construction and renovation services for the residential and the commercial market. If you are interested in learning more about Lions Den Construction services, give us a call at (416) 893-8318 today.